Cameron hasn’t handed over ANY texts or emails to Leveson – despite being asked for them

6th November, 2012 8:25 am

David Cameron has made a habit of telling the Commons – and anyone else who asks – that he has submitted everything that was neccessary to the Leveson inquiry. Yet two reports today cast doubt upon the accuracy of Cameron’s claims.

Today the Independent revealed:

“The Leveson Inquiry asked David Cameron for communications between himself and representatives of News International that covered a “range of issues” that went further than just the BSkyB bid, The Independent has been told. However, lawyers advising the Prime Minister “interpreted” the request for information as narrowly as possible, allowing him to hand over no texts or emails to Lord Justice Leveson’s press inquiry.”

Meanwhile the Mirror reports:

“David Cameron has not handed over a single text message or email to the Leveson Inquiry, a No10 insider has revealed.”

So David Cameron – who has repeatedly trumpeted his compliance with the Leveson Inquiry, has submitted not one single text message or email, despite the enquiry asking for communications between himself and News International representatives?

What is he hiding?

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