Labour mocks May after doomed election gamble cost taxpayers £140m

14th September, 2017 8:44 am

Theresa May’s humiliating decision to call a snap general election cost taxpayers £140m, it has been revealed.

Labour said the prime minister had been left with “egg on her face” after she abandoned her early claim that she would not go to the polls and took the biggest risk of her political life only to end up with a hung parliament.

The Tories ultimately lost the only majority they had achieved in the last 25 years as Jeremy Corbyn and Labour produced a better-than-expected showing to win 262 seats, a gain of 30.

The Tories won 318 seats, a net loss of 13, and were forced into paying the DUP a £1bn “bung” in order to win their support for a confidence and supply deal.

“Theresa May has been left with egg on her face and the taxpayer is picking up the bill,” said Jon Trickett, shadow cabinet office minister.

“The prime minister said there was no magic money tree to give nurses a proper pay rise.

“But she spent £140m of taxpayers’ cash on a failed bid to boost her majority that’s led to a zombie government.”

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