Megan Hayman: Why I’m standing to be Young Labour’s under 18s officer

Megan Hayman

The past few years have seen an uprising of younger generations taking to the streets to demand action on everything from climate justice to a second referendum. Young Labour had an opportunity to be a real positive force for change, at the forefront of empowering young people to stand up for what they believe in – but it didn’t make the most of it. Thousands of the most dedicated, passionate young activists across the country are all united in one organisation, so why waste that potential?

As we near the autumn, it’s time for a new era of Young Labour officials to be elected, and I’m asking you to support me in becoming the next under 18s officer. My name is Megan Hayman, I’m 15 years old, and an ardent supporter of the youth section of our party. Through attending youth strike for climate protests, and writing articles arguing for votes at 16, I realised that there were so many amazing young activists out there. But without properly organising, we aren’t as powerful as we have the potential to be, and I want to change that.

My location in the Midlands makes me the ideal candidate to move us away from a London-centric youth movement and engage with under 18s across the UK. I pledge to visit as many Constituency Labour Parties as possible – no matter how few young members they have – and properly listen to their ideas because the job of under 18s officer isn’t just to represent members from London. And I will speak to under 18s who aren’t yet members of a party to find out how we can include them in our movement.

Factionalism is one of the biggest problems that has plagued the youth section of our party, and that needs to change. If elected, I plan to create a safe space where young members can be educated, develop ideas, and debate free from those constraints. It is also vital to me that these spaces are welcoming to all members aged under 18, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, religion, or anything else. This must be a priority moving forward, because we are stronger as a united Young Labour.

I have experiences unique to other candidates, and many of the things we fight for are personal to me, so I will never give up on them. My anorexia means I have an understanding of our mental health services, and I will campaign tirelessly with our young members to make sure that they are adequately funded. I am also autistic, so I understand what it feels like not to be fully accommodated for, and accessibility is another priority I will focus on within Young Labour.

When you make your nominations and cast your votes, please consider supporting me. I am prepared to fully commit myself to this role. My membership number is L1794834, and you can find me on Twitter or Instagram if you have any further questions.

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