LabourList style guide

Post length

The word limit for posts on LabourList is 800 words, but we believe that maximum impact comes from brevity. 500 to 700 words is a good length for a post. Material over the word limit will be returned to the author for editing.

Spelling and grammar

Make sure sure you read through what you’ve written (out loud if necessary) to double check spelling and grammar. If you need to use an electronic spell check, please do so before submitting. Ensure the setting is UK English, not US English. Remember — a spellchecker isn’t perfect and may not pick up all errors, for example words which exist but are the wrong ones (e.g. to and too).


Capital letters should be reserved for proper nouns only, for names of people or organisations, not, generally speaking, for job titles. Eg: first minister, prime minister, defence secretary, chair, manager, editor, director etc.

Additionally, random words should not be capitalised, and neither, in general, should words like council, spokesman, government etc.


Numbers and ordinals from 1-10 (one, two, first, second etc) should be written out in full. Numbers and ordinals greater than ten should (11, 12, 13th) should be written with numerals. If you begin a sentence with a number, write it out in full, regardless of how large.


Use the percent sign % rather than percent, per cent, pc etc. When talking about polls, remember to talk about increases or decreases in support in terms of percentage points – Labour are up three points – not “Labour rose 3%”.


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