Brown goes on SNP attack as Murphy pledges a billion more for the NHS

2nd April, 2015 9:24 am

Jim MUrphy

Jim Murphy will today announce that Labour plans means the NHS in Scotland will receive an extra £1 billion over the course of the next parliament. Through the introduction of a Mansion Tax and a clampdown on tax loopholes, Murphy says the money will be raised to pump into the health service over the course of the next five years.

The Scottish Labour leader will say:

“The NHS is Labour’s greatest achievement and we will protect it if we win in May. The poor and the middle classes won’t foot any more of the bill. We will introduce a mansion tax on properties over £2 million across the UK to bring new money into Scotland’s health service. And I make no apology for using money gathered from the south east of England to invest in the NHS in Scotland. This is part of the UK’s strength, sharing resources across our islands.”

Murphy will say there has been an “SNP A&E crisis this winter” – last week was the 285th week in a row that the SNP Government had missed its A&E waiting times target – and that “only a Labour Government has the plan to rescue the NHS”.

“But to elect a Labour government you need to vote for Labour MPs. A vote for anyone else helps David Cameron stay in power and starve our NHS of the funding it desperately needs.”

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown will also be out on the campaign trail today, attacking the SNP over their unambitious spending plans, labelling them the “Spend Nothing Party, Sort Nothing Party”.

Gordon Brown Scotland speech

Brown will say that the SNP have revealed they will not increase spending at all for the 2015-16 period, and that across the whole of the next parliament they have not factored in funding to abolish the Bedroom Tax. He will say their plans “would not only break up the United Kingdom but break the hearts of the poor.”

Brown is expected to say:

“They would not only break up the United Kingdom but break the hearts of the poor. Not one pensioner, unemployed man or woman or disabled person or family would be better off according to their figures for spending on the welfare state. They have not even factored in money in the UK social security budget to end the Bedroom Tax.”

In a challenge to Nicola Sturgeon he will ask: “Is it not amazing they will end austerity but not if the financial year has already started?”

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  • MrSauce


  • FMcGonigal

    “I make no apology for using money gathered from the south east of England to invest in the NHS in Scotland”.

    How will that sound to voters in the south east of England?

  • treborc1

    The game is afoot , well lets see next week Murphy will state that the NHS in Scotland will get £10 billion because it all about wimnning once in he will state yes over 50 years of course you did not think I was meaning now did you.

    Labour did the same in Wales they stated vote labour we will give you free bus papes forb the over 60’s and we will give you free prescription free hospital car parking and a better life just vote labour.

    We did and the first thing labour said yes, we will do all we have said but you did not think now did you. Of course you did not so come on work with us, you will get something now but something after the next election.

    It affected the following election because when labour said anything people asked when and how long, and labour were hopping to get a majority government for the first time in Wales they failed.

    People are not seeing politicians in the same way, Brown talks about the NHS, but not to long ago he was willing to flog it off, now they moan the Tories want to do it, it was ok when labour did it but wrong for the Tories.

    Labour use the NHS as a vote winner but the people can see it now, what’s the betting if labour get back in and the yanks say we want a bit of the NHS Miliband would say ok which bits.

    • MrSauce

      That’s how Scottish politics works these days:
      You promise the moon on a stick, and I’ll promise the world on a plate.
      All paid for by Bankers Mansion Tax or some other tosh as long as it isn’t anyone in Scotland who foots the bill.
      No-one actually believes it, but it is all good fun.
      Just sit back, grab the popcorn, enjoy the show.

  • Malcolm McCandless

    The Mansion Tax will not raise the money that Jim Murphy claims. That means there is a Black Hole inside Murphy’s head.

  • Heidstaethefire

    Funny, that. During the referendum we were told that the N.H.S in Scotlsnd was a matter for the Scottish Parliament, and talk of it being under threat from the Union were just scaremongering. Now apparently Jim Jong Murphy is going to save it in the U.K. General Election. Funny, that.

  • gavin

    Brown opens his mouth and appears totally out of touch. The SNP will spend the moneys Westminster allocates as its Block Grant—nothing more, nothing less.
    It already has money put aside, out of its present budget, to cope with the Bedroom Tax. Welfare is still reserved to Westminster.


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