LabourList welcomes ideas for articles from across and beyond the labour movement, from senior politicians in Westminster or local government to union leaders, think tanks and independent experts and campaigners.

We receive lots of pitches every day so unfortunately we are not able to reply to everyone, although we will always try to do so. We only accept original comment pieces being placed exclusively with LabourList.

What should I send?

When pitching, please summarise your idea in no more than 150 words, including a possible headline and why you’re the person to write the piece. Send with your name, photo, one-line bio and (if applicable) Twitter handle to [email protected].

When sending the finished piece, it should typically be around 550 to 950 words, and please include it in the body of your email or as a Word document, not a PDF. If it’s time-sensitive, please do not contact us only the day before you want the piece to be published.

What material is LabourList interested in?

All of these subjects and more are legitimate topics for LabourList articles:

■ News and current affairs relevant to the Labour party across the UK

■ Detailed exploration of current or potential Labour policy

■ Notable internal developments in the party

■ Local, regional and international news Labour could learn from nationally

■  Analysis of national and local Labour campaigns, messaging and party operations

All posts must have clear relevance to the Labour Party – or have a Labour ‘twist’. What is the party doing right, or wrong? How should Labour be looking differently at something? Why was a certain event significant? The more thought-provoking, the better. All articles must be for publication exclusively on LabourList.

Why are ideas accepted or rejected?

If your post idea clearly convey one or more of the following, you are much more likely to be commissioned to write up the full post for publication.

■ An original idea or opinion

■ Makes a single, clear argument

■ Something that has not been discussed on LabourList before

These are common reasons for which we reject ideas:

■ Something that has been covered repeatedly on LabourList and/or elsewhere

■ The article has been published elsewhere

■ Material not obviously related to the Labour Party or current affairs

■ Poor or incoherent writing

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We are also open to pitches for sponsored posts like this one. Please contact LabourList’s business manager Cathleen Clarke at [email protected].



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