Unite donate extra £1 million to Labour’s election war chest

27th March, 2015 4:48 pm


Unite the Union have pledged an extra £1 million to Labour’s election campaign today. It is a huge boost for Miliband on the first day of the short campaign, following an assured performance in last night’s leaders’ interviews. This brings the amount Unite have donated to Labour’s campaign to £3.5 million.

In an article for the Daily Mirror, Len McClusky, General Secretary of the union, said they were making the cash injection because “Labour’s commitments will make a huge difference to the ordinary people” of Britain, and because the Tories’ rich bankrollers were making it an unfair fight.

He writes:

“Support for Labour is not just us doing our duty to democracy and ensuring the political playing field is not tilted too far in favour of the rich and their party.

We also know that that if the Tories buy a new lease on power, life for the people we serve will become very much harder.

So, while the Tories hoover up millions from shadowy dinner clubs and vulture fund financiers, this money from Unite members is clean, democratically-sanctioned and honestly accounted for.

It’s the pennies of working people given in the hope of building a better world that we can all enjoy, not the ill-gotten gains of a secret elite.

There can be no doubt that Labour’s commitments will make a huge difference to the ordinary people of these islands. They will provide a platform for tackling the crippling inequalities in our society.

That’s why Unite is getting behind a Labour victory in May. We will not stand aside from this battle – because we are now facing the fight of our lives.”

Those who had suggested that Unite might withhold support after recent selection wranglings may be thinking again, now that an extra million has been donated on top of £1m donated before Christmas and £1.5m donated early in the new year…

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  • bikerboy

    Policy demands to follow.

    • wolfman

      Be quiet you boring troll…

      Relentlessly negative about Labour and yet you seem to spend all your waking hours on this site..


      • bikerboy

        I notice you don’t address the point, right?

        No one, whether union baron or business mogul, wedges a political party that much and expects nothing in return, right?

        Nothing wrong with remaining vigilant, right?

        • Dave Postles

          Unite give in desperation rather than expectation. They’ll get nowt in return, not even any softening of the regulation of unions.

          • jaime taurosangastre candelas

            In which case, Unite’s members should be asking some difficult questions.

            I was for one year a member of the BMA, until I realised just how stupid the elected officers were. It was like throwing the good money after the bad money.

          • BillFrancisOConnor

            Funny that. I recently had to take time off because of a serious illness. My employer wanted to stop my sick pay and my union were absolutely fantastic.

          • Dave Postles

            That’s for Unite members, like myself, to decide, without your interference.

          • Doug Smith

            Money wasted.

            It’s time for a people-before-profit alternative to the LibLabCon.

          • Theo Blackwell

            “anti-austerity parties like the SNP…”


  • Steve Stubbs

    Makes a change from Miliband getting all that dosh from his Hedge Fund Manager friend.

  • socialdemocracynow

    Vote for the Labour Party in a model election at /r/MHOC, on reddit!

  • Leon Carter

    Well Done Unite you are well aware of the damage and harm done to many and not just your members so this will be a great help in Milibands push

  • Daniel Speight

    And there was Rob Marchant just yesterday on Labour Uncut accusing McClusky of holding back funds because of the way the Halifax candidate was chosen. Oh well, I guess truth was never a serious issue for those guys. Spin and smear as usual.

  • David Pickering

    Is seems Len likes all those anti-capitlasit policies Labour have started churning out.

  • britishroses

    Glad to see this happen. At least Labour want to see that all of Britain have a chance at a good life not just the rich and Cameron’s cronies. If the Tories get back into office their will be nothing left of our NHS and our Social SECURITY system, which is exactly what they want. They’ll make sure their friends tied up with HSBC are not gone after though. The way this government have treated our most vulnerable in this country is unacceptable and an utter disgrace and there is NO excuse for doing it either! #ToriesOut #ToriesTakeFromThePoorGiveToTheRich #ToriesCanNOTBeTrusted #EdForPM


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