Confirmed: Labour’s new frontbench team in full

8th October, 2013 6:18 pm

Leader of the Opposition
Ed Miliband MP
Karen Buck MP (PPS)
Wayne David MP (PPS)

Deputy Leader and Culture, Media & Sport

Harriet Harman MP (Shadow Deputy Prime Minister, Party Chair and Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport)
Helen Goodman MP
Clive Efford MP
Baroness (Maggie) Jones
Lord (Wilf) Stevenson


Ed Balls MP
Chris Leslie MP
Cathy Jamieson MP
Catherine McKinnell MP
Shabana Mahmood MP
Lord (John) Eatwell
Lord (Bryan) Davies
Lord (Neil) Davidson
Lord (Andrew) Adonis

Douglas Alexander MP (and Chair of General Election Strategy)
John Spellar MP
Gareth Thomas MP
Ian Lucas MP
Kerry McCarthy MP
Lord (David) Triesman
Lord (Willy) Bach
Lord (Roger) Liddle

Home Office
Yvette Cooper MP
Jack Dromey MP
David Hanson MP
Diana Johnson MP
Helen Jones MP
Steve Reed MP
Baroness (Angela) Smith
Lord (Richard) Rosser

Sadiq Khan MP (also Shadow Minister for London)
Stephen Twigg MP
Andy Slaughter MP
Jenny Chapman MP
Dan Jarvis MP
Lord (Jeremy) Beecham
Lord (Charlie) Falconer QC (Constitutional Issues & providing advice on Planning and Transition into Government)


Andy Burnham MP
Liz Kendall MP
Luciana Berger MP
Andrew Gwynne MP
Jamie Reed MP
Lord (Philip) Hunt
Lord (Keith) Bradley (from Nov)

Business, Innovation & Skills
Chuka Umunna MP
Liam Byrne MP
Iain Wright MP
Toby Perkins MP
Stella Creasy MP
Ian Murray MP
Lord (Wilf) Stevenson
Lord (Tony) Young
Baroness (Dianne) Hayter
Lord (Roger) Liddle

Work & Pensions
Rachel Reeves MP
Stephen Timms MP
Chris Bryant MP
Gregg McClymont MP
Kate Green MP
Baroness (Maeve) Sherlock
Lord (Keith) Bradley (from Nov)

Tristram Hunt MP
Kevin Brennan MP
Steve McCabe MP
Rushanara Ali MP
Lucy Powell MP
Baroness (Beverley) Hughes
Baroness (Maggie) Jones

Vernon Coaker MP
Kevan Jones MP
Alison Seabeck MP
Yvonne Fovargue MP
Gemma Doyle MP
Lord (Richard) Rosser

Communities and Local Government
Hilary Benn MP
Emma Reynolds MP
Roberta Blackman-Woods MP
Lyn Brown MP
Andy Sawford MP
Lord (Bill) McKenzie
Lord (Jeremy) Beecham

Energy and Climate Change
Caroline Flint MP
Tom Greatrex MP
Jonathan Reynolds MP
Julie Elliott MP
Baroness (Bryony) Worthington

Leader of the House of Commons
Angela Eagle MP
(also Chair of the National Policy Forum)
Angela C Smith MP

Mary Creagh MP
Lilian Greenwood MP
Gordon Marsden MP
Richard Burden MP
Lord (Bryan) Davies
Lord (Richard) Rosser

Northern Ireland
Ivan Lewis MP
Stephen Pound MP
Lord (Tommy) McAvoy

International Development

Jim Murphy MP
Alison McGovern MP
Gavin Shuker MP
Lord (Ray) Collins

Margaret Curran MP
Russell Brown MP
Gordon Banks MP
Lord (Tommy) McAvoy

Owen Smith MP
Nia Griffith MP
Baroness (Eluned) Morgan

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Maria Eagle MP
Huw Irranca-Davies MP
Barry Gardiner MP
Thomas Docherty MP
Lord (Jim) Knight

Cabinet Office 
Michael Dugher MP
Lord (Stewart) Wood
Jon Ashworth MP
Chi Onwurah MP
Lisa Nandy MP
Baroness (Dianne) Hayter

Minister without Portfolio and Deputy Party Chair

Jon Trickett MP

Women & Equalities Office
Gloria De Piero MP
Sharon Hodgson MP
Baroness (Glenys) Thornton

Law Officers
Emily Thornberry MP
Lord (Neil) Davidson QC (Adv. Gen. Scotland)

Coordinator of the Labour Party Policy Review
Jon Cruddas MP

Leader of the House of Lords 

Baroness (Jan) Royall
Lord (Philip) Hunt (Deputy Leader)

Whips Office

House of Commons

Chief Whip, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury
Rosie Winterton MP

Alan Campbell MP
Mark Tami MP (Pairing Whip)
Heidi Alexander MP
David Hamilton MP
Graham Jones MP
Tom Blenkinsop MP
Susan Elan-Jones MP
Phil Wilson MP
Julie Hilling MP
Karl Turner MP
Nic Dakin MP
Seema Malhotra MP
Bridget Phillipson MP
Stephen Doughty MP

House of Lords

Chief Whip
Lord (Steve) Bassam of Brighton

Deputy Chief Whips
Baroness (Angela) Smith
Lord (Denis) Tunnicliffe

Senior Whips
Lord (Tommy) McAvoy
Baroness (Margaret) Wheeler

Lord (Ray) Collins
Lord (John) Grantchester
Baroness (Dianne) Hayter
Baroness (Eluned) Morgan
Baroness (Maeve) Sherlock
Lord (Wilf) Stevenson
Baroness (Bryony) Worthington

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  • Jiesheng Li

    Goodbye Tony Cuningham (DFID team)

  • Hamish Dewar

    Why so many whips?

    • Mr Arthur Cook

      Is Max Mosely dictating policy?

    • DanFilson

      Getting hens to walk in a straight line is not easy.

      • treborc1

        Juts get a really good Rooster he’ll sort out the Hens.

        • Monkey_Bach

          I’ve just realised why the chicken crossed the road!

          (A party whip must have ordered the little clucker to do so!)


  • rekrab

    Just a bit on the real news.
    As the pending American debt crisis looms and the politics are polls apart on reaching an agreement, is the recent IMF upgrade for UK good news? I’d say Osborne could be about to receive a thrashing on interest rates. Steady Giddy! there’s an iceberg in front of you and you can’t see it.

    • jaime taurosangastre candelas

      What do you think Derek? The world’s largest economy and one among very few countries with a very high grade credit rating “might” (if things go stupidly) default, and another among that very small group of countries has a growth forecast increase and is not about to default on its’ debt. Which one is likely going to see increased flows of the “hot” short term investment money, and will find it easier, and so cheaper, to sell its’ debt?

      It is pretty binary and easy to forecast. You don’t need some complex Bayesian inference algorithm to work it out.

      • rekrab

        Heaven above Jaime, get your head out the gutter, Osborne’s austerity drive is a race to the bottom and the American republican tea party are jumping on board, playing with fire. China is already pressing America to raise it’s debt ceiling or else they will demand control of the world reserve currency.The little puppeteer Osborne, has ignited a flame he can’t put out and if America does default then by god Britain with bleed like a rushing river.
        Stop playing stupid games on such a serious issue Jaime, Osborne is the grim reaper of the financial mess we’re in and if you can’t see that then your off your head man.

        • jaime taurosangastre candelas

          You clearly see things differently.

          The UK is not engaged in austerity, By definition with spending continuing to rise. In the OECD league, Britain’s public spending rate as a percentage of GDP is shrinking slower than 18 other countries in the OECD 30. It is hardly austere.

          The world’s reserve currency is what the world informally agrees upon. It is neither up to the Chinese to demand control over the dollar, nor the americans to give them control, it is up to hundreds of millions of investment decisions made daily all around the world to decide what to denominate “the deal” in. It is a matter of confidence.

          It is of no use you telling me not to “play stupid games”. I won’t be told anything by you, particularly as you appear to be informed only by your own prejudices and never by facts or even reasonable judgement.

          • rekrab

            But there’s pride in my prejudice, something you might consider selling at a flip of a coin.

            Living standards are falling because austerity is cutting real terms income, people are spending less because Osborne has burden them with less income to spend now Osborne is borrowing more to endorse his ideology as Britain is still 3% below GDP growth since 2010.

            It really looks like you like wearing the tea party hat and encourage a race to the bottom by constraint on living standards.It isn’t working Jaime and it’s brought us closer to the self destruction button than we’ve ever been before.

            I stand by my fathers generation and his fathers generation. I don’t wont to be the nail that China wants to wack it’s large hammer into.

          • jaime taurosangastre candelas

            What has brought us closer to the self-destruct button, if that is where you think we are, is 68 years of spending too much money. Not the last 3 years. What your children and my children, and all of their yet unborn children are going to do is to pay for the generations of our grandparents, parents and ourselves have assumed is some form of right.

            Money is not free, you know. Spending more and more per head of population does not make the problem any easier to deal with, in the same way that a few more drinks at the end of the night makes the following morning any easier to deal with.

          • rekrab

            No one is drinking alcohol Jaime! lets get the right.

            Jaime, tax is universal, the idea that you can scrap tax and live in a safer world is another add on to your stupidity.

            Money is over-rated, it’s a printed process that keeps those at the top stable, so less of your nonsense on our children’s future
            Just WTF does Osborne know about being hungry and cold?

          • jaime taurosangastre candelas

            Don’t you try to make out that I’m advocating scrapping tax. We need better tax, and a little more of it.

            If you think that money is over-rated, try telling the lenders of money to Government. They won’t mind, they will find another Government to lend it to. They don’t have to lend to Britain.

            Then go and tell someone living on JSA that money is over-rated. I don’t think they will agree with you.

            You appear to plunge deeper into idiocy with each posting.

          • rekrab

            I’m not sure your sense of balance is stable? you seem to offer one argument then dismiss your own points? are you topsy turvy, do you wear your socks when you take a bath?

            Again you come forth with some rather obscure pact, that lenders should be a safe heaven from the world of tax and we should all bow to the great vaults of stashes? what next? gold taste nicer than mushrooms?

            I’m not the one advocating plunging anyone, least of all the poor or JSA claimers? Didn’t you once say that those who couldn’t afford to live where house prices were costlier should all move into poorer areas?

            Maybe you need to travel more? take some time and go to some foreign lands, you’ve probably never been out of Britain? and your board sense of perspective is somewhat sheltered. Go to Fatima or some where , who knows you might pick up a secret or three.

          • jaime taurosangastre candelas

            I’m not debating any further with someone who is either drunk, or a cretin.

          • rekrab

            O’ that’s it, is it? load the weapon then run away. What a catalyst you turned out to be.

            Next thing you’ll be decrying yourself the great liberal who just loves the colour yellow.

          • Redshift1

            This is a ludicrous analogy.

            ‘Money is not free’ – Money is a means of exchange. Now if that always represented physical assets and goods that’d be one thing but we know full-well that this is not how money works in the modern financial system. Money quite often represents a ludicrously complicated web of investments and debts, which is quite often a serious misrepresentation of the tangible resources they are in theory meant to represent. It is more analogous to a casino than the piggy bank analogy as you have essentially suggested. Furthermore, a dichotomy between ‘spending’ and ‘restraint’ is plain daft when dealing with macro-economics. You can’t ignore the impact of cuts to government spending as we know this often has massive implications for tax receipts and you can’t pretend that cuts to government spending don’t have an impact on personal debt.

          • Web Weaver

            Just worth pointing out that state spending today is still 25% higher today than in was in 1997.

          • rekrab

            Good point!
            And debt has doubled, we nearing four years of Q.E. double the 2008 to 2010, spending billions imposing austerity while accumulating more debt.

            Osborne has hinted he wont ease Q.E. until 2020, over another six years of austerity and the missed chance to create the new-age industrial revolution, hi-technology coupled with high earnings, reducing the needs for state intervention, it will come, it’s the only option but their hell bent on doing it the hard way and causing vast amounts of suffering.

  • DanFilson

    July 3rd 2013 “Today the party have confirmed that Brent North MP Barry Gardiner has been appointed to replace Harris as Labour’s Shadow Natural Environment and Fisheries Minister.”

    October 8th 2013 : No mention of fisheries or the natural environment.

    Little wonder Labour is not taken seriously on green issues or on fisheries policies.

    • 1985Tom

      I don’t quite get what you’re saying here. Barry Gardiner is still in the shadow DEFRA team. Presumably with the same responsibilities, as shadow natural environment and fisheries minister. They’ve not listed all the individual responsibilities here, only departments and a few special extra-departmental responsibilities.

      • DanFilson

        I had got the impression he was attending Shadow Cabinet, but this seems improbable unless fisheries or the natural environment arise.

  • leslie48

    Forgive me for being slightly off message -but I am furious about the Share offer on Royal Mail which is a real give away( even the FT says so) the shares are on the low side so millions if not billions of pounds will be made when this go on the stock exchange in a day or so and the greedy ‘blast off’ takes place . In a busy week we as Labour should remind the tax paying public that the Coalition are now transferring this state wealth to the wealthy middle classes who are being bombarded to buy these in very large amounts by on-line share platforms etc., . There will be a lot of happy people by the week end. We need to tell the public how much the capitalists ( sorry not allowed to say that now) will make while we freeze public sector pay and cut council social spending. The triumph of Neo-Liberalism goes on. Labour still looks timid on its attacks on what is a very right wing government.

    • treborc1

      You have to look back just a little bit into the past to see this was a Labour party sell off and although it has changed I think, Labour are not that strongly against it are they.

  • Alan Grant

    Too many Lords and Baronesses on this list for my liking.

  • This would be even more useful if it gave the briefs of each member of each team.

  • Mike Homfray

    Three interesting names who I think we can all see as future high flyers – notably placed close to the leader in the cabinet office –
    Jon Ashworth MP
    Chi Onwurah MP
    Lisa Nandy MP


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