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  • What will Labour do about this deadly epidemic?

    There’s an epidemic sweeping the world. It destroys families, snuffs out hope and opportunity and hurts those who least deserve a painful death. I’m not talking about Ebola (though that’s an unspeakably horrifying plague), nor am I talking about...

  • The UKIP Calypso should be number one

    On the 1st March 1945, a reggae legend was born. Two years later, on the 1st March 1947, Mike Read was born. Unfortunately, a birthday is no longer the only thing that connects Mike Read and multiple Grammy-winner Burning Spear. They are now both purveyors...

  • If you care about the rise of Ukip, go to Rochester and Strood

    If you care about the rise of UKIP’s populist right-wing politics and you want to do something to stop it now, there is one place you need to make a trip to and campaign for Labour between now and 20 November: Rochester & Strood. Polling guru...

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  • Dave Roberts: Military intervention where?
  • Dave Roberts: Certainly you will find that a lot of the ground abando
  • Bernie Evans: Agree with Conor, Thought the same about Farage getting
  • Dave Roberts: Except that he has a lot of Jewish support as well as t

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