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  • Call for a People’s Campaign

    We find ourselves at a crossroads. The path of our country and the character of our democracy will be shaped afresh in the coming months, for good or ill. Up and down the country, people’s energies are rousing — from Glasgow to Clacton, from...

  • It’s incontestable – we need change in England

    After a dreadful summer, the Scottish Independence referendum –and the developments that followed it – have again illustrated David Cameron’s inept political judgment. From the single question on the Scottish ballot, to the woefully inadequate Edinburgh...

  • Bold and unique – a role for local government in our modern state

    As we talk about our country’s constitution in the coming months, the starting point is what powers the Scottish Parliament should have. And whilst devolution for other nations and regions is also a central part of the wider debate, it is a chance for...

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  • Sylvia: Is Cameron a suitable person to be prime minister of th
  • David Lewis: Yes indeed and Cameron seems to have stitched up Miliba
  • Sylvia: You say "Cameron has finessed Labour ...". I would rath
  • Jonathan morse: When people stand to be MPs, poss also councillors, peo
  • David Lewis: Prejudice and conjecture. I do not vote Conservative.

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