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  • LabourList Editorial: Why we fight

    By Mark Ferguson, Maya Goodfellow, Conor Pope, Emma Burnell and Stefan Stern  Today is election day. And today Labour goes into battle. The Labour Party is not a staid, safe and secure party ensconced in Westminster. It is not enshrined in a single...

  • Labour need a Personal Tax Road Map

    This tax year the highest earning 5,000 people in the United Kingdom will pay around £9bn of income tax. That amounts to around 5% of the total income tax paid. And it is Labour’s intention, should it be in Government, that this burden on the wealthiest...

  • The speech Ed Miliband could make on Friday morning

    For days the Tories and the right-wing press have been questioning the legitimacy of Labour coming second but still taking power. Never mind that it’s a tacit admission of defeat by David Cameron, the legitimacy argument matters. While arithmetic will...

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