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  • In defence of class war

    UKIP and specifically its leader Nigel Farage are finally finding themselves under the glare of media scrutiny rather than simply the spotlight for once. The Times has been exposing (£) Farage’s alleged misuse of his expenses as an MEP and the...

  • UN report shows we must take bold action on climate change

    The Fifth Assessment report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) could not be clearer. Catastrophic climate change can be prevented if all countries, rich and poor, make the transition to a low carbon economy, and...

  • From food banks to fair pay

    We all know that politicians love to talk about ‘fairness’.  Hardly anyone will disagree that people should be paid fairly for the work they do.  But scratch beneath the surface, and there are big political differences. In today’s Britain, hundreds...

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