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  • Power to the regions

    After one of the greatest shocks to the global financial market, UK plc is tentatively getting back on track. Unemployment is at a six-year low, and the UK economy grew by 3.2% in the second quarter compared with the same period last year. However, whilst...

  • The two Unions that saved Rosyth

    For me it was great to be back in Rosyth in the Kingdom of Fife. It is the yard that refused to die and only lived on because of the solidarity between workers in Scotland and England. Then Scotland’s biggest industrial establishment, when Rosyth faced...

  • This referendum proves that nationalism is never a means to a progressive end

    There’s the Not All Argument. You’ll have heard it. It’s not all men. Not all coppers. Not all journalists at the News of the World. And then there’s the Small Minority Excuse. You’ve probably dismissed it before. Every time a...

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