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  • NEC results – what does it all mean?

    Labour’s NEC election results were released today, with Ken Livingstone, Ann Black, Ellie Reeves, Christine Shawcroft, Kate Osamor and Johanna Baxter elected as constituency reps, whilst jim McMahon and Alice Perry were elected to represented Labour...

  • If we want to engage young people, we need to change

    It is actually possible to transform the landscape of youth engagement in politics. It’s an incredible injustice that so many young people do not vote or engage in politics, not because they are not interested, but because the methods of engagement...

  • A day on the road with a Tory mole

    It’s quite amusing when you spot you are being infiltrated by someone from the other side. You are faced with the choice: do we tell him we know or do we keep him with us. We went for the latter. So for any Tory kids out there thinking of doing...

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