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  • About tonight Ed…

    Tonight is the second of the Leader’s debates. This is the weird pile-on debate with seven different people all vying for our attention. It will be hard to stand out from this crowd, Hard to break from the pack. But tonight might be Ed Miliband’s...

  • Despite what Pickles thinks, the public values council services

    Yesterday, the Liverpool Echo launched its manifesto for the general election. It’s a compilation of the key issues that the tens of thousands of readers think are most important. Top of the list? “More money for local councils”. “You told us...

  • Why control of immigration is not just for mugs

    Immigration policy is a popular target for criticism. Often the proposers of new ideas are called mugs, but here the problem is highlighted by a particular mug, of the ceramic kind. The Labour Party is issuing new mugs that are branded with one of five...

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