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  • Israel has fallen into a Hamas trap

    Only 15% of Britons think Israeli air-strikes on Gaza are justified, according to polling by YouGov yesterday. In one sense this is surprising given that most of the British press has traditionally been stridently pro-Israeli. But it also says something...

  • Building safer and more resilient communities

    Despite the lowest crime for decades, many perceive that crime remains too high. Despite many child safety improvements, parents remain worried.Overall alcohol consumption is down, but many feel that drinking is out of control, particularly in city centres. Traditional...

  • No child should be too hungry to learn

    Universal healthy free school meals is a policy that has been pioneered by Labour and by Labour councils in Southwark, Hull, Newham, Islington and Durham. At the National Policy Forum (NPF) over the weekend, Labour’s policy for the General Election...

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  • ColinAdkins: Charles, Hamas is not the only one having it both ways
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  • ColinAdkins: And Hamas will stop firing rockets when Israel stop occ
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