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  • Let’s get started – join me on Thursday

    Labour’s ground campaign in the lead-up to May 7th was bigger than ever before, with our activists engaging with over 5million people in the lead-up to May 7th. However, we now know that simply having those conversations wasn’t enough to...

  • Labour must offer popular, big-tent politics to reach out to voters in 2020

    Victory for the Labour party in 2020 is going to be more than twice as difficult to achieve as in 2015, according to new research published by the Fabian Society today. The society has looked at the likely effects of scheduled boundary changes and concluded...

  • The battlefield in 2020

    Last week I looked at the detail behind the General Election results to see what the lessons were for Labour in terms of differential performance by region or demographic group: This week I wanted to take a more detailed look at the seats Labour needs...

  • Working people are the real victims of Tory attacks on trade unions

    Last week, through the Queen’s Speech, our worst fears were confirmed as the Tory plans to “reform trade unions” were shown to be one of the top priorities of this new Tory government. Let me be clear, this “reform” agenda is nothing but a...

  • How do you build a majority against secret tribunals for multinationals in the European Parliament?

    Investor-State Dispute Settlements, or ISDS, are special tribunals included in trade deals for investors to seek redress from States. The problem is not that they give companies the possibility to sue states: this can already be done under national law....

  • What could a post-Miliband policy agenda look like?

    Labour’s electoral disaster is rightly leading to a difficult discussion about what went wrong, the future of the party, and the future of progressive politics more widely. Already we are seeing the leadership candidates abandoning key planks of Labour’s...

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