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  • Englishness, identity and social justice

    Democracy and social justice are inseparable. Any socialist knows that. It’s why we saw the expansion of the pillars of social justice – free education, health, social security – following the expansion of universal suffrage. It’s...

  • Laying the Foundations for a Labour Century

    This post is written by Liz Kendall MP and John Woodcock MP Britain stands at a crossroads. Scotland rejected separation, but the large numbers of traditionally Labour supporters voting Yes has highlighted an undercurrent of deep dissatisfaction that...

  • Call for a People’s Campaign

    We find ourselves at a crossroads. The path of our country and the character of our democracy will be shaped afresh in the coming months, for good or ill. Up and down the country, people’s energies are rousing — from Glasgow to Clacton, from...

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  • Leon Wolfeson: Same blokes who always were, per the polling tabs. i.e
  • Leon Wolfeson: Abstain? Many supported it, per the party leadership li
  • Steve Stubbs: But the point to notice is that the devolution currentl
  • Guest: Yes, of course you'll be hated for your hatred of kids.
  • Guest: Magical marxists! And it'll take years for the damage t

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