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  • The Sunnyfesto

    Yesterday, the Sun Newspaper set out its ‘Sunifesto’ for Britain; today here’s my response – a ‘Sunnyfesto’. (Note: because this is based on the Sun’s version, some of the lines and headings have been taken from there.) FIVE years...

  • Are shortlists shortchanging BME and women candidates? 

    Recently, there have been calls for an All Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) shortlist to complement Labour’s All-Women Shortlists. At first blush, one would would assume that as a black and asian woman, I would be championing these double opportunities,...

  • This government has a lot to answer for when it comes to food poverty

    Nothing quite characterises the levels of poverty in austerity Britain better than the dramatic growth in the use of food banks in recent years. With record numbers visiting local food banks in many areas over Christmas – and January looking set to...

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