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  • Labour changes track – and now it can win

    Labour has not generated many headlines this week. There haven’t been game-changers. David Cameron wasn’t trounced in Prime Minister’s Questions. The polls haven’t shifted. The meeting with a post-stardust Obama passed by without significant...

  • The tennis match that reveals the Tories’ re-election strategy

    David Cameron’s fundraising takes place in secretive opulence amongst the world’s super rich. This week we saw the extent of his reliance of those who operate in a different world to hardworking families concerned with paying their bills. The...

  • Keeping childcare high on the agenda

    Recent headlines that childcare will be a key battle ground in the General Election will come as no surprise to those of us who have been knocking on doors and speaking with mums and dads in our communities. Time after time, when I’m listening to...

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  • anthonypainter: Why so downbeat, Dan?
  • Gerald Allen: Mike B; I keep asking myself the same question over and
  • Dan: So then Anthony, if Labour now lose in 2015, will you a
  • charlie: or an aircraft carrier or two
  • Throbshire: Great. Really pleased to see this change of direction a

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