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  • Want to tackle UKIP? Treat every Labour constituency like a marginal seat

    There is a lot of debate at the moment about what we should do to address ‘the UKIP problem’. I’m relieved that the Labour Party is finally acknowledging that there is one after years of simply brushing off UKIP as a much bigger problem...

  • To be a party for all workers, we need to protect the self-employed

    Ed Miliband pledged in his speech to conference last week to end a “21st century discrimination” and fight to “deliver equal rights for the self-employed in Britain”. According to Ed, this is the new frontline on which the Labour Party must...

  • Game On

    So now we know what we truly always knew. The Tories are Tories. They are going to fight the next election on welfare cuts for the working poor and tax cuts for the lowest and highest paid. It will be interesting to see whether the rise in the tax threshold...

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