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  • Stopping the Snooper’s charter

    This evening, Unite and the Labour Campaign for Human Rights will be holding a Parliamentary event (see below) to explain why we’re opposed to the Investigatory Powers Bill. As we do so, we cannot ignore the terrible events that took place in Tunisia,...

  • Things will change and the readiness is all

      The Sunday newspapers are always looking for something a bit different, and it is tempting for politicians to try and provide it. But in terms of offering a hostage to fortune the headline in the Sunday Times on the 2nd of August 1992 takes...

  • To win Labour must address the selection process of parliamentary candidates

    In the first three emails from the Leadership candidates the word “change” featured no less than 8 times. For all the talk of change, from both Leadership and Deputy Leadership candidates, it’s alarming how none of it has been linked to a vital...

  • The deficit question, and how to answer it

    Picture the scene: you’re a Labour leadership hopeful. The red ‘on air’ light in the Today studio is lit, and across from you sits John Humphrys. You’ve already navigated tricky questions on immigration and health, but then the inevitable happens....

  • Labour must master communications again

    Strategic communications in Labour’s election campaign was almost non-existent to the naked eye and is one of the prime reasons the party suffered such a bruising defeat just over a month ago. Perhaps we overlooked traditional media and relied...

  • Tory silence on Living Wage speaks volumes

    We all know David Cameron is an expert at ducking questions posed to him every Wednesday at PMQs. But in his pronouncements this week on welfare reform, he’s elevated this to not answering questions he poses himself. He said he wanted to create an...

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