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  • We stand up for human value – we proudly defend the Human Rights Act

    If you’re part of the Labour Party, or hold any similar values, you will certainly share the absolute belief in respect and dignity for everyone. I don’t think anyone in our movement, with our principles, would disagree. And so, with those common...

  • Friendship and solidarity must prevail, as the fog clears

    The air hangs thick this morning with the referendum. Last night a deep fog rolled down across Edinburgh, but in reality it is the campaign which has blotted the vision and stopped even the keenest of observers from seeing what lies just a few footsteps...

  • Please don’t go

    I’m pretty well known for writing from a personal perspective. So I thought a column comparing the pain I feel about the referendum to the pain of my divorce would be easy to write. maybe a little trite even. How can this compare to that kind of...

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  • David Lewis: My aunt was there and she counted seven
  • Hugh: I don't find "absence of it cannot help" a convincing a
  • RegisteredHere: I'm sure it'll be pitched as neutral by serious-looking
  • David Lewis: Well the most likely long term outcome after the resale
  • RegisteredHere: I was thinking more about bailouts and the pro-banking

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