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  • Learning lessons from Labour’s key seats

    By Will Straw and Sally Keeble The 2015 general election was Labour’s for the taking. The coalition was an unpopular government presiding over a period of falling living standards and stagnant growth with a prime minister who many people felt was out...

  • Where is Jeremy Corbyn’s support coming from?

    I haven’t bought the argument there is a mass entryism problem afflicting Labour’s leadership election. Entryism means an organised attempt to enter into and take over a bigger, more popular political party. The Leninist micro-sects that have...

  • This leadership contest needs more vision, direction and policy

    If there was a box marked “none of the above” it would probably be on course to win the first round of the Labour leadership contest. There is little in terms of content (so far) to get excited about. The process seems to be too long. And the tone...

  • Attlee’s Government reminds Labour’s moderates what they gave up

    Back in 1987, Ken Livingstone wrote a book called ‘If Voting Changed Anything, They’d Abolish It’. I picked it up a couple of years ago in a charity bookshop in Tooting for £2 as an anniversary gift for my partner (don’t judge...

  • Is Jeremy Corbyn serious?

    Have you heard about this thing called YouTube? It really is rather extraordinary. Some stray clicking last night brought me eventually to this clip of Tony Blair from over 20 years ago. At one point in the seven minute profile he says: “Being in opposition...

  • Education is a collective good – it’s time for a National Education Service

    When we fail to invest in people their potential is wasted and our economy underperforms. The more we empower people with the skills they need to succeed the stronger the economy we build. Education is not about personal advancement but is a collective...

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