• Vince Cable agrees with Balls and Miliband on the economy

    On BBC Election Call, Vince Cable has said that Labour had some responsibility for the financial crash, but says that the crash was not caused by Labour spending too much. This mirrors Labour’s line. Ed Balls has previously apologised for Labour’s...

  • Axelrod on “partisan players” in the UK press

    David Axelrod is back in the US after around a week in the UK in the final run up to the general election. Questions have been raised about his level of involvement (especially considering the rumoured £300,000 cost of hiring him). In an “exit...

  • What are undecided voters thinking?

    While those of reading LabourList might find it hard to believe, there are still a large number of voters who haven’t made their minds who to vote for yet. ComRes have just released polling data that explores attitude of those who were undecided...

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  • Labour need a Personal Tax Road Map

    This tax year the highest earning 5,000 people in the United Kingdom will pay around £9bn of income tax. That amounts to around 5% of the total income tax paid. And it is Labour’s intention, should it be in Government, that this burden on the wealthiest...

  • The speech Ed Miliband could make on Friday morning

    For days the Tories and the right-wing press have been questioning the legitimacy of Labour coming second but still taking power. Never mind that it’s a tacit admission of defeat by David Cameron, the legitimacy argument matters. While arithmetic will...

  • “Take a minute, sit down, and read this” – Douglas Alexander’s final state of the race memo

    Here’s Douglas Alexander’s final state of the race memo  – which LabourList readers can read exclusively before anyone else. Dear Friend, This might sound strange, but whatever you are doing, I want you to take a minute, sit down, and read this: That’s...

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