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  • 5 summer reads for the politically minded

    Each year I spend a good chunk of the run-up to the Summer holidays cajoling overworked PPCs and stressed-out organisers to take some downtime and read a good book. But, because it’s me, my recommendations are invariably both political and, usually,...

  • The mess left by the Trojan Horse

    The Peter Clarke report into the Trojan Horse allegations in Birmingham schools is an impressive piece of investigative work marred by some wishy-washy recommendations. But it deserved more than it got from the new Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan in...

  • Why Labour should make energy efficiency their top infrastructure priority

     Melting into a sweaty puddle in a boiling hot office it’s easy to forget the winter, and the fact that every year, thousands of people die from living in cold homes. But they do, and it’s a national scandal. Millions more can’t afford to keep...

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  • gunnerbear: The BBC radio show "File on 4" covered the issue and it
  • treborc1: Well really if you disagree with Austerity or you think
  • treborc1: Well really if you disagree with Austerity or you think
  • Paul Bateman: Wallace is also inventive, and a three-time Oscar winne
  • gunnerbear: I take your point on board but Ms G. certainly has 'put

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