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  • The Lib Dem’s record on the environment doesn’t stand up

    September is here and the so called ‘silly season’ of summer stories is meant to be over. But that hasn’t stopped the Liberal Democrats publishing a wish list for a greener, cleaner Britain. Nick Clegg would have us believe that only the Liberal...

  • Free School Meals: let’s avoid the sour grapes

    This time last year, the government announced that it would introduce free school meals for all infant school children before the next election. The policy had been endorsed by the School Food Plan commissioned by Gove. It was being championed by the...

  • It shouldn’t cost so much to be a candidate

    I love the Labour party. I enjoy canvassing, I pay my subs, go to the various fundraising dinners and vote in National Executive Committee (NEC) elections. I, like many, hate the constant barrage of ‘please donate’ emails and fear the dreaded fundraising...

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