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  • Meet the person who could arguably have the biggest job in government in just a few days

    It’s fair to say that housing policy is one of my policy passions. I don’t normally get worked up over the intricacies of policy debates, but I know what I like – as long as it involves building more houses. So recently I headed out on the doorstep...

  • Brand values

    When Russell Brand told people not to bother voting I was pretty scathing about it, while at the same time accepting that he was tapping into a malaise felt about modern politics that simply wasn’t being catered to by the major political parties....

  • Knowing me, knowing you, I’m sorry I haven’t a clue

    If I were you, I should expect the unexpected. Which is another way of saying we are still in the dark as to the outcome of the general election on Thursday. I have written here more than once over the past few years that “nobody knows anything” (William...

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  • avatar Ian: Not a chance.
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  • avatar Redshift1: Oh no because when the Tories have Jim Davidson we're c
  • avatar badspyro: The fact of the matter is that they didn't just knock o
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