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  • Can people-power curb violent youth gangs?

    Violent youth gangs are menacing many of Britain’s inner-urban areas, and there’s evidence the problem is moving to the suburbs and smaller towns. Police statistics show that over the past three years violent gangs in London have committed over 6,600...

  • Further and Higher Education – the keys to boosting our nation’s future

    This post is written by Paul Blomfield and Nic Dakin Education, skills and training transform people’s lives, the prospects of communities, and the future of the economy. In government our task will be to energise Further Education (FE) and Higher...

  • Israel has fallen into a Hamas trap

    Only 15% of Britons think Israeli air-strikes on Gaza are justified, according to polling by YouGov yesterday. In one sense this is surprising given that most of the British press has traditionally been stridently pro-Israeli. But it also says something...

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