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  • The Living Wage has to be more than a photo op

    The referendum on Scottish independence casts its shadow over every aspect of Scottish public life these days. This is understandable, the debate on whether Scotland should remain in Union with partners in England, Northern Ireland and Wales is a huge...

  • Who made my clothes?

    By Stella Creasy MP and Alison McGovern MP It’s been a long four years in opposition, and each year we’ve seen the country decline further for the lack of a Labour Government. But whether speaking up about legal loan sharks, the misuse of zero hours...

  • Should politicians do God?

    Easter is traditionally a time when Christians reflect on their faith, and there is no reason why politicians shouldn’t do so too. But this year David Cameron forsook his usual Easter message for a much stronger and more personal foray into the...

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St George's Day on LabourList

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  • swatnan: I've noticed that Easter has been pretty low key these
  • swatnan: Excellent article from two of Labours rising stars. Th
  • David Parker: I am sure you are right; Fargae has seen that there are
  • David Parker: I am not sure why you are reminding me of the disasters
  • toptophat: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha So you are saying that because for

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