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  • William Hague’s ‘Zinedine Zidane moment’

    William Hague’s plot to oust the Speaker last month was not just grubby, it was a final act of a desperate Tory campaign. With the polls at a deadlock in the countdown to the General Election, now we can see the failed Tory coup was about electoral...

  • Could Matteo Renzi be a model for a Miliband government?

    With the general election drawing ever closer, it is important for the Labour leadership to examine the record of those centre-left governments across Europe that have managed, in the face of considerable economic difficulties, to put their social-democratic...

  • EU summit: leaders must do more to end this tragedy in the Med

    What we are witnessing on our continent’s shores is nothing short of a humanitarian crisis. Now more than ever it is evident that the initial decision by the Home Secretary, Theresa May, as well as the Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, to end support...

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