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  • Why we can’t do without All-Women Shortlists

    The perennial issue of All Women Shortlists (AWS) has raised its head again, with Cynon Valley CLP extremely disgruntled about having an AWS imposed for its parliamentary selection after having already had a woman MP, Ann Clwyd, for well over two decades. ...

  • Ed needs to build on his PMQs idea and create a more deferential parliament

    Ed Miliband’s comments about public dissatisfaction with politics and politicians on the Andrew Marr show cannot be refuted. His idea about getting the public in to Westminster for their own Prime Minister Questions (PMQs) session is an interesting...

  • Miliband gets his retaliation in first

    Of course Ed Miliband isn’t really like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit. If he was he’d have been eating a Wensleydale sandwich instead of a bacon one, and none of this fuss would ever have happened. OK, maybe not. The leader of the opposition, especially...

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