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  • Jeez, the man is desperate

    When Bob Hawke was fighting his first General Election in Australia, the then Conservative Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser claimed that if Labor was elected voters would have to “keep their money under the bed”. Hawke’s caustic response...

  • Workers Memorial Day: Labour promise action, not words, to protect workers’ lives

    This article is written by Stephen Timms and Kate Green  Workers Memorial Day provides a poignant opportunity to reflect on the risks faced by working people at home and abroad. It is a time to remember those who have paid the ultimate price simply through...

  • Scotland – it’s not over until the bagpiper plays

    Yesterday’s TNS poll of  Scottish General Election voting intentions has caused more justifiable doom and gloom regarding Scottish Labour’s fate. It puts the SNP on 54% (+2), Labour on 22% (-2), the Tories on 13% (unchanged), and Lib Dems on 6% (unchanged)....

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  • avatar uglyfatbloke: Really the gnats have n't gone up like a rocket, it's m
  • avatar Richard Williams: Thing is, are the constituencies not arranged slightly
  • avatar Chilbaldi: I would buy this argument if Labour weren't just so far
  • avatar Richard Williams: As a small c voter, although I fear a Labour government
  • avatar Chilbaldi: Ha at this kid, who is holding out for £200k per week