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  • 5 things we learned from Miliband’s Evan Davis interview

    Ed Miliband was the third leader to face an Evan Davis grilling tonight. Davis isn’t not as pugnacious as Jeremy Paxman, nor as dogged as Andrew Neill (who I’d like to see interview all of the party leaders), but he’s smart, well prepared...

  • The SNP manifesto is a dangerous throwback to the 80s

    This isn’t the article I expected to write about the SNP manifesto. I was ready to praise Nicola Sturgeon’s political guile for producing a carbon copy of Labour’s programme. After a full week to digest Labour’s offer, I fully expected an identikit...

  • The Shrewsbury 24 deserve to know what really went on in 1972

    In 1972, after an industrial dispute in the Shropshire town of Shrewsbury, 24 men were prosecuted under the ancient 1875 Conspiracy Act. Ever since then, the 24, their family and friends protest their innocence and have tirelessly fought their convictions. It’s...

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