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  • Change the culture of voting to engage young people

    This government has failed young people on a catastrophic level. Scrapping Educational Maintenance Allowance, raising tuition fees, and allowing nearly a million young people to remain out of education, training or employment sends a clear message: the...

  • The Living Wage has to be more than a photo op

    The referendum on Scottish independence casts its shadow over every aspect of Scottish public life these days. This is understandable, the debate on whether Scotland should remain in Union with partners in England, Northern Ireland and Wales is a huge...

  • Who made my clothes?

    By Stella Creasy MP and Alison McGovern MP It’s been a long four years in opposition, and each year we’ve seen the country decline further for the lack of a Labour Government. But whether speaking up about legal loan sharks, the misuse of zero hours...

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St George's Day on LabourList

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  • Mukkinese: The big changes are removing exclusivity, not being all
  • Mukkinese: Wrong. 2500 of those were staff employed for one day,
  • FMcGonigal: Yes - with rigorous attention to security.
  • Harry Thompson: Well, we both agree then. Online voting is a good idea.
  • FMcGonigal: I was referring to security issues with BOTH on-line an

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