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  • Schools that show what’s possible

    This week the school where I was a deputy head teacher got it’s first ever exam results with 82% of its students achieving 5 GCSEs A*-C including English and maths. 91% got C or above in English and 89% in maths. Almost 1 in 3 achieved 5A/A*s. The...

  • 10 things the Government can do to help the high street

    As new high streets minister Penny Mordaunt plans to embark on a national town centre tour, Labour’s high street advisor Bill Grimsey offers 10 suggestions on where she should take immediate action to stop the rot, rebuild confidence and help lead...

  • Scotland: we need a federal future

    Gordon Brown is right, the work on a more sustainable settlement for the UK must begin the day after a prospective No vote – the status quo is morally and politically indefensible. As has been much noted, an overwhelming number of Scots are in favour...

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