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  • Why I’m voting Labour

    I’m voting Labour. Obviously you’d hope that’s what I’d say in a column for LabourList, but I want to use my final column before Election Day to explain my decision. The usual purpose of this column is to write about what Class is up to, so I...

  • Solidarity Vs Scottish Nationalism

    More and more, I’m being asked to ‘imagine if we’d voted yes to independence’ by Scots that are apparently doing just that. It’s hard to tell in 140 characters, but I gather it’s a specific outcome they’re picturing. So okay, let’s imagine...

  • Cameron is trying to rewrite the constitution to become a Downing Street Squatter

    In 2010, the Sun printed a piece attacking a man “squatting in a luxury home near the Houses of Parliament”. They went on to say that the “squatter” was “refusing to budge from the Georgian townhouse in Downing Street”. That...

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  • avatar Jambo25: This thread seems to have vanished from Labour List. I
  • avatar Ian Robathan: Latest ComRes poll (03 - 05 May): CON - 35% (+2) LAB -
  • avatar Mark: He doesn't plan to borrow more, but can't say when the
  • avatar Frankie D.: Yup, Vero Beach...
  • avatar Rob K. Mart: Reads like a reason for voting Green.