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  • Time to pay school support staff their due

    The debate about schools, pupil attainment and changes to our education system rages on. Yet there is one group of workers who are rarely discussed or heard in the debate, despite playing a fundamental role in almost every aspect of school life – school...

  • Government is broken – Labour need to use the digital revolution

    People are shut out of government and they know it. Government is broken. The British state is not fit for purpose. They both need a radical re-design. I’ve been running Labour’s policy review and we asked two fundamental questions. What do we want...

  • Politics after the Big Machine

    Jawarharlal Nehru, first Prime Minister of independent India was giving a speech in a bus factory. Nehru’s topic was ‘the place of the big machine’. It was 1955, the era of big industrial projects and the centralised state. Perhaps, his audience...

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