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  • May 7 2015 – a day of reckoning

    If you were young in the 1980s, at school or college, and paying even just a bit of attention, it was clear that something dramatic was happening to the country. It was an angry time, a raucous time. Every Tuesday and Thursday, when parliament was sitting,...

  • The care we need

    This article is from Our Labour, Our Communities - a pamphlet of 10 essays by Labour PPCs, published by LabourList in partnership with Lisa Nandy MP If the litmus test of a civilised society is how it treats its elderly, then the daily battles of those...

  • Give Londoners more control over Transport for London

    Transport for London is London’s biggest and arguably least accountable quango. Bossed by the Mayor, in practice it is answerable to no one in London apart from him. Londoners have virtually no say in what it does. Fares go up with Londoners having...

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