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  • Who made my clothes?

    By Stella Creasy MP and Alison McGovern MP It’s been a long four years in opposition, and each year we’ve seen the country decline further for the lack of a Labour Government. But whether speaking up about legal loan sharks, the misuse of zero hours...

  • Should politicians do God?

    Easter is traditionally a time when Christians reflect on their faith, and there is no reason why politicians shouldn’t do so too. But this year David Cameron forsook his usual Easter message for a much stronger and more personal foray into the...

  • It’s not growth that wins elections, it’s being on the side of ordinary people

    Perhaps the most misunderstood insight in the history of politics was chalked on the wall of Bill Clinton’s war-room as he ran for the Presidency in 1992: it’s the economy, stupid. Today, that phrase is being used to argue that the 2% growth predicted...

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St George's Day on LabourList

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  • Monkey_Bach: All of what you say is true but if the current batch of
  • George McCarthy: those seen by MPs as the "feckless and criminal" poor.
  • Monkey_Bach: Good men do good and bad, useless and deluded men do Go
  • JoeDM: Religion + Politics = Social Poison And don't forget:
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