Miliband on the Big Society

19th December, 2012 12:14 pm

David Cameron walked right into Ed Miliband’s trap at PMQs, by linking the Big Society to Britain’s growing number of food banks. Ed Miliband responded:

“I never thought that the big society was about feeding hungry children in Britain”

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  • rekrab

    Another shocking call from Cameron, as he clarifies the calculated decisions of this rotten governments big society.It was all about volunteers helping to feed our forgotten children.

    And on fuel poverty, with 9 million homes entering the fuel poverty scandal, Cameron’s answer? it’s the last governments fault? when will this man understand that people are dying from the cold weather?

    • Cameron does not care. The man is nothing but spin and sound bites.

  • billbat

    Why does Cameron treat PMQ’s as Pantomime time with hios Backbenchers repeating each line he trots out? Nice for The Big Society to get a mention, I thought that it was as redundant as ‘We are all in this together’.

  • Gabrielle

    Even by Cameron’s slippery standards, he really surpassed himself. Very good line from Ed, who’s getting better and better at putting a well deserved boot in.


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