Labour launches pledge card

8th April, 2013 11:59 am

Alongside Ed Miliband launching the local election campaign this morning, the party launched an “action card” (a pledge card by any other name?) outlining what the party would do differently in government. Here it is:




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  • Tiger Lily

    I see no pledge for the living wage…

  • Reg

    The first point is badly written, it makes it sound like he wants to raise income tax.

    Capping increases does NOT end rip of rail pricing, it simply manages the increases, sounds a bit like what’s been happening for the last decade anyway!

    Force energy firm to cut bills for the over 75s? Why not for all or those on low incomes?

  • AlanGiles
    • postageincluded

      Well we know already that the Standard is a rag, other than that what is your point?

      • AlanGiles

        The fact that more obscure Labour backbenchers are crawling out of the woodwork to jump on the latest populist bandwaggon.

        That’s the point.

        • postageincluded

          So, like the Standard, you are determined to represent the ordinary process of discussion within the party as a violent ideological punch-up. Or rather, you make snide asides and publicise the spin of Tory papers, saying nothing of any importance. What a sad life.

          • AlanGiles

            Clearly your life is as sad as mine if you have the energy to keep an argument going for so long. I’m retired. Whats your excuse?

            I was trying to make the point that many Labour MPs – some quite obscure – have felt it necessary to jump on what is now last week’s bandwaggon to try to match the Tories in tough rhetoric.

            I mentioned only on Sunday that something else would come along this week to focus the attention of the public elsewhere, so there is no need for Labour to be panicked into a Dutch auction on tough talk.

            However much they try they will not win the Conservative vote, so they would do better to concentrate on making things better for the least well off in society, not joining the game of giving them a good kicking.

  • John Ruddy

    Not sure if using the word pledge is a good idea after Nick Clegg.

  • externalities

    So labour income would again be taxed at a top rate of 67% when we include employee and employer NI. Fair enough, I think.

    But if you can pay yourself in capital gains instead, you’re taxed at a maximum of 28%! This needs fixing with a rate-of-return allowance accompanied by marginal rates that include NICs (see IFS: Tax by Design)!

  • Robert Young

    Didnt labour say the top rate would be temporary. Or was that a lie?

  • I am getting a not found message on both links – which doesn’t bode well.

    And have we as the BBC reported hours ago suspended campaigning or not?

  • Harry Barnes

    Labour and Ed have come up with 114 proposals in their recently pubished document “Changing Britain Together”. Perhaps it would be good tactics to get Ed to introduce them on a monster pledge card. They can be found via Labour’s “Your Britain” Web-site, or via the top item on my 8 year old blog which is called “Threescoreyearsand ten”. Unfortunately, Labour List did not give this matter top billing when Angela Eagle introduced this document here earlier this week. The document needs to be taken on board by Regions (there was a lack-luster event in the East Midlands on Tuesday evening), CLPs, affiiated bodies, branches and the party’s individual members. The die has been cast (apart from some possible tweaking called consultations) and the Party needs to get its messages out. They points are generally very different from the Blair and Brown years. Perhaps a coming Labour Government could provide a bridge to something which would come to appeal to (hush) democratic socialists. Perhaps there is much more to Ed than meets the eye. And that is what has really been bugging New Labourites.

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