Osborne says the Tories are for “hardworking people”, while Cameron’s staff mock them

30th September, 2013 1:29 pm

Today George Osborne told Tory Conference delegates in Manchester that:

“we are the party of hard working people”.

That’s a sensible line for Osborne to take. his party are considered out of touch, aloof, rich and often a little too posh. Arguing that they are, in fact, on the side of working people is a sensible idea. And yet, here’s what was in the Guido Fawkes column in yesterday’s Sun:

“Downing Street spin boss Craig Oliver made a cringeworthy slideshow presentation to government advisers and Press spinners with dos and don’ts for the Tory party conference that starts today. Don’ts included drinking champagne and talking too loudly about things they didn’t want in the Press. 

Dos included slotting the slogan “for hard-working people” into every speech, at which point a No.10 handyman walked in to check the projector was working.

Before he was even out of the door Cameron’s Old Etonian chief of staff Ed Llewellyn patronisingly quipped “that’s a hard-working person” in case any of them were out of touch.”

So the party of hardworking people make crass jokes about hard working people in the corridors of power. Not very convincing is it? A Labour source told us:

“This shows just how out of touch David Cameron and his closes aides are. It is yet more evidence that they just stand-up for a few at the top.”

Watch out for more galling and barely credible references to “hard-working people” later this week…

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  • BillFrancisOConnor

    Disgusting negative speeches all day long identifying all the different people they hate.
    The only people they are ‘for are the Murdochs, Ashcrofts and Errol Damelins of this world.

    • Jeremy_Preece

      Spot on Bill. And as I say, no plan for the future except eternal cuts and misery for everyone except the ones you mention.

  • Jeremy_Preece

    To my mind the most important thing that happened today is that Osborne said that he wants to see cuts continue even if there was no recession.
    At last he has almost admitted that the cuts are nothing at all to do with the deficit, since he wants to carry on further cuts even if there is a recovery and we found ourselves in surpless.

    So it is offical. The Tory party really does openly want to destroy the public sector, and turn it over to the hands of carpet bagging shareholders.

    I hope that the Labour front bench are going to blast out the truth about this, although given the lasck of coverage over the NHS rally it seems that we really are operating under the total censorship of Tory Head Office.

  • Edward Snowdon

    all these so called posh people out numberd 90 to one how can a group of blue nosed cake eaters get back in

  • It’s interesting reactions to Gideon’s speech over at the Speccie’s coffeehouse blog. The rightwing chattering class mouthpiece James Forsyth seemed to like it but his readers were far from impressed.

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