Poll shows public critical of government over food poverty

18th December, 2013 9:27 am

Today Labour MPs are preparing to vote in an opposition day debate on food banks – and a poll out this morning shows the extent to which the public believe the government have failed on fuel poverty. 59% of those polled by YouGov were critical of the government’s handling of food poverty, whilst only 17% thought the government had dealt with food poverty at all well.

The poll – carried out as part of Unite’s Christmas appeal – shows that 82% believe the national minimum wage should be raised to tackle food poverty, whilst three quarters of the public blame the rise in food bank use on rising living costs and food prices.

Support for a higher minimum wage comes from across the political spectrum, three quarters of UKIP and Tory voters want such a rise, whilst over 90% of Labour and Lib Dem voters back such a change too.

Meanwhile, a huge 78% of the public believe that food bank usage may increase in the next ten years – showing why today’s debate in Parliament is so important.

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  • EricBC

    I know that fuel and food poverty are serious issues. And I agree they must be given priority. But I think a greater source of hardship is caused by RENTAL poverty.

    A pensioners on the basic OAP who owns his/her house outright can get along while folk working and making half decent money are living in poverty because so much of their net income is going to rent.

  • Quiet_Sceptic

    The full results are interesting, broad support for increasing the minimum wage but, and this is significant in terms of what solutions would be popular with the electorate, a clear majority were against a general increase in benefits (53% vs 33%).

    • treborc1

      Yes but we all know benefits go to scroungers or work shy, even labour has to hammer down on people like this.

      But I’m not to sure about the min wage because the middle class labour voters may think, well they are working so maybe they deserve a wage rise of 2p extra

      • JBriggs

        Can’t tell if your trolling or not.
        Benefit fraud when compared to white collar crime is a drop in the ocean, but the government spends more time attacking benefit fraud because it a) gets them votes and b) is easier to cut benefit payouts to legitimate recipients than tackle white collar crime e.g. tax evasion.

        I can understand the need for efficiency in the welfare system but we need a sense of scale. Its a minor problem when compared to other economic issues, and certainly not worth people dying over, which is what’s happened.

  • treborc1

    It’s called sarcasm, the labour party gave the lowest benefits rises in it three terms to the disabled and those on JSA, the Tories came to power in 2010 and I had £2.25 benefits rise the biggest benefits rise in thirteen years . Brown stated he wanted to end DLA calling it a wasted benefit that would have been the end of me driving a car which cost me £2,000 to have adapted.

    Over the apst three terms and now with the Tories I have had two medicals the one with ATOS stated that and I quote again, in my opinion as a doctor this person will not work now or in the Future, it’s my medical opinion this person is severely disabled and not able to work, and ATOS did not even bother they failed me knowing that with that medical when I went to the court of appeal they would not even call me into the court, it would have taken anything upward of eighteen months I would have lost most of my benefits had to live on £77 a week, and in the minds of both labour and the Tories force me into work through starvation.

    My own feeling to day after seeing my sister in law over Christmas she has Lupus, and now has Hodgkin lymphoma which is cancer of the blood, she is five stone in bed and dying and has been told she will need to recover to start going to interviews at the job center, after phoning explaining her MP phoning explaining and her consultants at the Heath hospital Cardiff phoning she had her benefits stopped, they told her it was no excuses she has to attend or get sanctioned.

    I can see now that since Hitlers death a few politician have read his books by the looks of it.

    he Aktion T4 programme ran in Germany from 1939 to 1945. In the
    1920s Alfred Hoche and Karl Binding, part of an extreme eugenics
    movement, advocated killing those who were judged to have “life unworthy
    of life.” In the 1930s there were huge cuts to state institutions
    causing overcrowding and Nazi propaganda emphasised the cost of caring
    for mentally ill and disabled people. In 1939 parents of disabled child
    Gerhard Kretschmar wrote to Hitler to ask him to permit their child to
    be killed. Hitler agreed and immediately set up a committee whose job
    was to organise more such murders – Aktion T4. When the war started
    parents were told that their mentally ill and physically disabled
    children were being sent to special treatments centres. In fact they
    were murdered without the knowledge of the parents. The programme was
    soon extended to adults, starting in Poland then in Germany. Throughout
    the programme Hitler knew that there would be huge opposition to such
    killing and so he never put his orders in writing. The one exception was
    a secret letter written to authorise the formation of the Aktion T4
    programme, mainly because his justice minister would not cooperate
    without one. The programme operated in secrecy until it was too late for
    most people. Under the programme at least 200,000 disabled people were
    murdered over six years, either through lethal medication, starvation or
    gas chambers.

    Only in the UK they call it the ATOS sceheme. and it was brought in by another socialist government.


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