Labour NEC elections: The results

Labour’s NEC election is a long one – but it came to an end on Monday after 8 months. The results have just been announced, and we’ve published them below. The top six candidates (Ken Livingstone, Ann Black, Ellie Reeves, Christine Shawcroft, Kate Osamor and Johanna Baxter) will be representing Labour members as “constituency reps” on the NEC for the next two years:

LIVINGSTONE, Ken 39,548 Elected

BLACK, Ann 36,496 Elected

REEVES, Ellie 31,278 Elected

SHAWCROFT, Christine 29,558 Elected

OSAMOR, Kate 28,484 Elected

BAXTER, Johanna 24,325 Elected


WILLSMAN, Peter 23,362

WILLIAMS, Darren 21,307

AKEHURST, Luke 21,115

NOSEGBE, Florence 19,174

WHEELER, Peter 18,724

PEEL, Kevin 17,830

FLINTOFF, Crispin 12,539

Update: We’ve also got the results of the local government section – the two councillors representing local government on the NEC will be Jim McMahon and Alice Perry. Here’s the results:

McMAHON, Jim 1,894 Elected

PERRY, Alice 1,510 Elected


LUCAS, Ann 1,402

HENIG, Simon 1,229

Congratulations to the successful candidates and commiserations to those who missed out. We’ll have analysis of what the results mean later this afternoon…


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