Miliband calls for “overarching inquiry into child abuse” – and repeats call for Shaun Wright to step down

30th August, 2014 11:18 am

Ed Miliband Andy Coulson

Ed Miliband has released a statement this morning on the Rotherham child abuse scandal, in which he re-iterates calls for Shaun Wright to resign as South Yorkshire PCC. However, Miliband has gone further today, calling for an “overarching inquiry into child abuse” to examine what went wrong not just in Rotherham, but “in different institutions, in different parts of the country and stretching across different decades”. Here’s the statement in full:

This week’s report into the child abuse scandal in Rotherham was devastating.

Large numbers of young people were systematically abused and then let down by those who should have protected them.

Roger Stone did the right thing in resigning as Leader of the Rotherham Council.

But it shouldn’t end there.

Those people in positions of responsibility at the time should be held to account. They include Shaun Wright who should step down as South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

The case now is overwhelming for the Government to get an overarching inquiry into child abuse up and running.

We have seen scandals of child abuse in different institutions, in different parts of the country and stretching across different decades.

An overarching inquiry has been delayed too long and needs to get moving as fast as possible to start listening to all those who have been let down by a system set up to protect them.

Alongside the inquiry, it is of vital importance that we kick start a culture change in child protection that leads to a stronger system that will keep our children safe.

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