Weekly Survey: Labour’s plan for a senate and the London primary

have your say ll (long)

Over the weekend, we found out about Ed Miliband’s plans to scrap the House of Lords and replace it with a senate. This senate would be democratically elected, unlike the currently appointed Lords, and Miliband has put specific emphasis on better representation for the different regions of the UK.

While there are more details still to be announced, do you support the plans as they currently stand?

The selection of a Labour candidate for London Mayor will be done through a primary. The timetable for that has now been set out, although it has been criticised by Diane Abbott, David Lammy and Christian Wolmar as too short.

What do you think? Should it be longer? Or do we need a candidate as soon after the election as possible?

Last week, it was also announced that the fee for non-members to participate in the primary would be £3. Following rumours that it could be as much as £10, this was welcomed by many, but has still attracted some criticism – most notably by Christian Wolmar.

Is £3 too much? Should it be higher? Or should there not be a fee at all?

The survey will close at noon on Thursday. You can vote here.

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