The Labour Party is a moral crusade or it is nothing – and now’s the time to fight.


Every day matters. Every single day between now and 7th May, thousands and thousands of Labour activists will be out on the doorsteps fighting this general election one street at a time.

But through the cold and the rain and the dark nights, this fight isn’t just about the Labour Party, it’s about the millions of people we got into politics to represent.

It’s about the people whose doors we knock on – the young woman worried about whether her grandmother can be cared for at home. It’s about the father who fears that his son won’t be able to find a job. And it’s about all those families struggling to make ends meet in an economy that doesn’t work for them under a government that isn’t on their side.


In fewer than 100 days’ time we have a chance to kick out this awful government once and for all – and the stakes are high. I remember 18 years of Tory government. I remember losing again and again and again. Every single day of those 18 years was another defeat. It is only in government that we can make change happen rather than simply campaign from the side-lines in the hope that change may come.

So we have to win in May. Not for us, not to get our people into power, but for what we can do with that power. Millions and millions of people need us do everything we can to secure a Labour government – we can’t let them down.

It’s a huge task ahead, and a huge responsibility on our shoulders, and no-one understands that better than Ed Miliband.

So the time for navel gazing is over. The Labour Party is a broad church but Ed doesn’t need any more public advice, he needs people to get out on the doorstep and campaign for Labour so that from 8 May he can get on with turning this country around.

Winning organisations are focus relentlessly on doing what they need to win. That’s what we need to do. Look at British cycling, one of the greatest sports teams in the world. At the core of their success is a very strict discipline applied to everybody at every level of the organisation – a relentless focus on winning behaviour.

So that’s what we need now – nothing other than single-minded winning behaviour. Getting on the doorstep, talking to voters, spreading Labour’s message.

If you want a government that will unite our country instead of divide it – get out and campaign for Labour.

If you want an economy that works for everyone, not just a few at the top – then get out and campaign for Labour.

And if you want to secure our NHS, and our vital public services – get out and campaign for Labour.

That’s winning behaviour. That’s what we must do. That’s how we’ll win.

Tessa Jowell is the Labour MP for Dulwich and West Norwood, and a candidate for Mayor of London

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