Cameron gets shouted down at Age UK rally

David Cameron is having a bit of a tough ride at the moment – the latest blow has come from angry audience members at an Age UK rally.

Cameron made an appearance to answer questions on the NHS, but it was quite clear many in the audience weren’t too happy with the coalition’s approach to the health service.

One audience member pointed out that one of the problems is that doctor and nurses are leaving the NHS because they get paid more at agencies – Cameron seemed to dodge that one (See the video below). Another person is clear that they want the NHS “how it used to be, free at the point of service.”

The PM stumbled his way through the Q&A, struggling to answer questions properly. He tried to regain his footing by criticising other party leaders for not coming to the gathering, only to be met with cries from the audience that “they are!”

You can watch the full video here:

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