Rupa Huq demands Boris apology after being grappled by Tory stooge

Rupa Huq, the Labour candidate for Ealing Central and Acton, has demanded an apology from Boris Johnson, after being grappled by a Tory in the street for attempting to speak to the London Mayor.

The incident occurred yesterday when Huq approached Johnson on a walkabout in the constituency, but was pulled back by the former vice chair of the local Conservative branch and hit over the head with a placard.

She now says Johnson, who is standing in Uxbridge, should apologise:

“Boris Johnson tries to create the impression he’s all positive and fun, but he can’t deal with any real scrutiny.

“I was trying to ask him serious questions about issues affecting Ealing, and to be grabbed and shoved around by his supporters is disappointing.

“Boris Johnson and his team owe me an apology – it’s about the example politicians like him set to people, particularly around how women are treated.  If figures like Boris Johnson want to engage with voters, they can’t react to questioning by manhandling people. You wouldn’t accept it in other walks of life, and people expect better from the Mayor of London.”

You can see a clip of the incident here:

UPDATE: Angie Bray the Conservative candidate for Ealing Central and Acton has apologised to Huq on Twitter

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