“Best chance of beating the Tories” – PPCs pen open letter in support of Kendall

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A group of Labour candidates from May’s election have co-authored a letter supporting Liz Kendall’s campaign for leader, saying she is “realistic, honest and open about the challenges we face”.  The 10 candidates, who all stood unsuccessfully against the Tories in constituencies across England and Wales, say they can see the damage of a Tory Government in their areas, and believe Kendall offers the best chance of winning in 2020.

They praise the leadership contender for being both “pro-business and pro-worker” and for outlining “tangible and authentically Labour” ideas to tackle inequality.

You can read the letter in full below:

As candidates who stood for Labour in May’s General Election, we know how much our local areas need a Labour government. Already we can see the negative impact that this Tory government are having on those same communities – and how hard they’ll be hit by Labour’s failure to win in May.

It’s clear that Liz Kendall has been the candidate setting out a clear alternative for Labour in this leadership election – and been the most realistic, honest and open about the challenges we face.

Whether on the new kind of pro-business and pro-worker economy that gives employees a stake and a say in the businesses they work for, creating a living wage society to give workers a real pay rise that is funded through reviewing tax loopholes or prioritising early years education – Liz Kendall has outlined tangible and authentically Labour ways to tackle inequality.

Crucially, Liz also gives Labour the best chance of beating the Tories in 2020. For the communities Labour let down by failing to win in 2015 – and for the millions who need us – that’s what really matters. If Labour doesn’t win elections, we can’t put any of our values into action.

The ability to win – and the values to deliver for Labour in government. That’s why we’re backing Liz Kendall not only to be Labour’s next leader, but our next Prime Minister too.

Kevin Gillott, Amber Valley

Mari Williams, Cardiff North

Joy Squires, Worcester

Chris Oxlade, Crawley

Daniel Walton, West Worcestershire

Brendan Chilton, Ashford

Sam Rushworth, Blackpool North

Sam Juthani, Henley

Edward Robinson, Broxbourne

Michael Foster, Camborne and Redruth

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