Jeremy Corbyn says there could be a place for Ed Miliband in his shadow cabinet

Jeremy Corbyn has said there could be a place for Ed Miliband in his shadow cabinet.

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In an leadership hustings live on LBC, Corbyn said he would like the former Labour leader to be “very involved” in the area of the environment and climate change. Corbyn said “I would want Ed to be doing what Ed did very well when he was Environment Secretary.” Miliband was Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change between 2008 and 2010.

The other three candidates -Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham and Liz Kendall refused to answer whether there would be a place for Miliband, saying they hadn’t made any decisions about who would be in their shadow cabinet. Kendall noted that it was time for a “new generation” of politicians in the shadow cabinet.

The three were also asked by presenter, Iain Dale, whether they would serve in Corbyn’s shadow cabinet if he were elected leader. Kendall that she would not, while Burnham said that he would be willing to do this as he is “loyal” and wants to serve the party. Cooper refused to give a definitive answer.

During the debate Ukip leader, Nigel Farage, called in to the show as “Nigel from Kent”. He asked the candidates whether there were any circumstances under which they would vote No in the referendum on EU membership.

Kendall said she would always vote yes, “first and last and always.” Similarly Burnham said “There aren’t, because I always will believe that being in Europe is better for jobs in our country.”

Cooper replied that it would be possible for her to take a stance other than yes, saying “If I thought it wasn’t in Britain’s interest, I would vote No. But I think it is in Britain’s interests.”

Corbyn indicated that he might vote no, arguing that “if Europe becomes a totally brutal organisation which treats member states in the way it has treated Greece” many people may stop supporting it.

Farage said he was backing Corbyn for Labour leader, arguing “at least Jeremy Corbyn is a socialist – and that’s what the party’s supposed to be.”

The four were also asked whether they had ever taken drugs, Kendall, Cooper and Burnham all admitted to smoking cannabis at university or college. Corbyn is the only one who has never done drugs.

Corbyn also said local authorities should play a more active role in running private schools but that he would not abolish them as “it would be quite difficult to achieve”.

The four also revealed what their victory songs would be if they won:  Kendall said Get Up Stand Up by Public Enemy, Burnham said Take Over The World by the Courteeners, Corbyn answered Imagine by John Lennon and Cooper joked it would be an Abba song as the candidates have been compared to the band.

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