1,000 Labour councillors: Why we are backing Owen Smith to continue the fight against austerity

Owen Smith

Update: This letter was signed by 500 Labour councillors on July 26, 2016. It has now been updated to reflect its 1,000 signatories.

In a month’s time, we will be casting our votes for Owen Smith as Leader because we believe this is the only path forward to a Labour Government and putting a stop to the immense damage the Tories are doing to our communities and our nation.

We have closely watched the debate in our Party in recent weeks and are deeply impressed with how Owen has done. He has driven home the message that the fight Labour must lead is about tackling inequalities in wealth, power, outcomes and opportunities, across our country.

Owen has convincingly made the case that he knows how to get things done and has the tenacity and skill to advance the cause of working people. He has not shied away from saying our Party has been too timid and that he would increase taxes on the wealthy. He has set out a radical vision for a £200bn investment programme, re-nationalising our railways and putting the decision to make war firmly in the hands of elected MPs, not the Government of the day.

But there is more at stake here. There are militants in both wings of our Party who are determined to carry out a civil war against each other, whether it harms working people or not. We have intimidation and bullying in Constituency Labour Parties up and down the country. We have those who seem to prefer perpetual division to the job of winning power for the good of those we represent. We need a unifying leader who is principled and competent.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. Our country faces an existential threat from nationalists and poor-bashing Tories. A new Scottish referendum is on the horizon. This is no time for Labour to keep fighting itself. The next general election has already begun. Owen Smith, with his experience, especially as Shadow Secretary of State fighting austerity, has a firm grasp of the issues and will be prepared to lead our party from day one.

Our party needs a leader who can win and is principled. That’s why we need your support in backing Owen Smith.

Cllr. Michael Payne     Gedling & Nottinghamshire
Cllr. Tim Roca     Westminster

Cllr Angela Taylor Aberdeen
Cllr Barney Crockett Aberdeen
Cllr George Adam Aberdeen
Cllr Jenny Laing Aberdeen
Cllr Scott Carle Aberdeen
Cllr William Young Aberdeen
Cllr Les Alden Adur
Cllr Angela Kendall Allerdale
Cllr Billy Miskelly Allerdale
Cllr Mary Bainbridge Allerdale
Cllr Peter Kendall Allerdale
Cllr Phil Tibble Allerdale
Cllr Celia Tibble Allerdale & Cumbria
Cllr Chris Baron Ashfield
Cllr Lee Anderson Ashfield
Cllr Mark Bateman Aylesbury Vale
Cllr Dominic Twomey Barking & Dagenham
Cllr Faraaz Shaukat Barking & Dagenham
Cllr Giasuddin Miah Barking & Dagenham
Cllr Jeffrey Wade Barking & Dagenham
Cllr Lynda Rice Barking & Dagenham
Cllr Maureen Worby Barking & Dagenham
Cllr Peter Chand Barking & Dagenham
Cllr Saima Ashraf Barking & Dagenham
Cllr Simon Bremner Barking & Dagenham
Cllr Adam Langleben Barnet
Cllr Alon Or-bach Barnet
Cllr Anne Hutton Barnet
Cllr Arjun Mittra Barnet
Cllr Gill Sergeant Barnet
Cllr Kathy Levine Barnet
Cllr Kitty Lyons Barnet
Cllr Nagus Narenthira Barnet
Cllr Ross Houston Barnet
Cllr Alan Hampson Barnsley
Cllr Donna Green Barnsley
Cllr Joseph Hayward Barnsley
Cllr May Noble Barnsley
Cllr Pauline Markham Barnsley
Cllr Sharon Howard Barnsley
Cllr Brendan Sweeney Barrow
Cllr David Burton-Sampson Basildon
Cllr Gavin Callaghan Basildon
Cllr Andew McCormick Basingstoke & Deane
Cllr David Potter Basingstoke & Deane
Cllr Gary Watts Basingstoke & Deane
Cllr Jack Cousens Basingstoke & Deane
Cllr Janet Westbrook Basingstoke & Deane
Cllr Laura James Basingstoke & Deane
Cllr Mike Westbrook Basingstoke & Deane
Cllr Nigel Pierce Basingstoke & Deane
Cllr Nigel Pierce Basingstoke & Deane
Cllr Paul Harvey Basingstoke & Deane
Cllr Sean Keating Basingstoke & Deane
Cllr Tony Jones Basingstoke & Deane
Cllr Josie Potts Bassetlaw
Cllr Simon Greeves Bassetlaw
Cllr Ian Parker Bath & NE Somerset
Cllr Joe Rayment Bath & NE Somerset
Cllr John Bull Bath & NE Somerset
Cllr Liz Hardman Bath & NE Somerset
Cllr Robin Moss Bath & NE Somerset
Cllr Abena Oppong-Asare Bexley
Cllr Daniel Francis Bexley
Cllr Derry Begho Bexley
Cllr Edward Boateng Bexley
Cllr Endy Ezenwata Bexley
Cllr Esther Amaning Bexley
Cllr Gill Macdonald Bexley
Cllr Joe Ferreira Bexley
Cllr Alex Buchanan Birmingham
Cllr John Cotton Birmingham
Cllr John O’Shea Birmingham
Cllr Marje Bridle Birmingham
Cllr Mary Locke Birmingham
Cllr Mohammed Idrees Birmingham
Cllr Phil Davis Birmingham
Cllr Rob Pocock Birmingham
Cllr Susan Barnett Birmingham
Cllr Tristan Chatfield Birmingham
Cllr Victoria Quinn Birmingham
Cllr Ziaul Islam Birmingham
Cllr Albert Bore Birmingham
Cllr Anthony Humphrys Blackburn & Darwen
Cllr Carl Nuttall Blackburn & Darwen
Cllr James Smith Blackburn & Darwen
Cllr Jamie Groves Blackburn & Darwen
Cllr John Roberts Blackburn & Darwen
Cllr John Wright Blackburn & Darwen
Cllr Sylvia Liddle Blackburn & Darwen
Cllr Vicky McGurk Blackburn & Darwen
Cllr Tom Munro Bolsover
Cllr Debbie Newall Bolton
Cllr Guy Harkin Bolton
Cllr Nicholas Peel Bolton
Cllr Susan Haworth Bolton
Cllr Vanda Greenwood Bradford
Cllr Bernard Collier Brent
Cllr John Duffy Brent
Cllr Krupesh Hirani Brent
Cllr Margaret McLennan Brent
Cllr Mary Daly Brent
Cllr Matt Kelcher Brent
Cllr Mili Patel Brent
Cllr Neil Nerva Brent
Cllr Roxanne Mashari Brent
Cllr Sam Stopp Brent
Cllr Caroline Penn Brighton & Hove
Cllr Emma Daniel Brighton & Hove
Cllr Gill Mitchell Brighton & Hove
Cllr Julie Cattell Brighton & Hove
Cllr Leslie Hamilton Brighton & Hove
Cllr Michael Inkpin-Leissner Brighton & Hove
Cllr Peter Atkinson Brighton & Hove
Cllr Tracey Hill Brighton & Hove
Cllr Warren Morgan Brighton & Hove
Cllr Craig Cheney Bristol
Cllr Fabian Breckels Bristol
Cllr Mike Davies Bristol
Cllr Tom Brook Bristol
Cllr Richard Williams Bromley
Cllr Janet Patrick Broxtowe
Cllr Richard Robinson Broxtowe
Cllr Ann Royle Burnley
Cllr Ceri Mitchell Burtonwood & Westbrook Parish
Cllr David Jones Bury
Cllr Sharon Briggs Bury
Cllr Alan Higgs Caerphilly
Cllr Allan Rees Caerphilly
Cllr Andrew Lewis Caerphilly
Cllr Barbara Jones Caerphilly
Cllr Carl Cuss Caerphilly
Cllr David Carter Caerphilly
Cllr David Davies Caerphilly
Cllr David Hardacre Caerphilly
Cllr David Harse Caerphilly
Cllr David Poole Caerphilly
Cllr David Wynne Caerphilly
Cllr Eluned Stenner Caerphilly
Cllr Gaynor Oliver Caerphilly
Cllr Gez Kirby Caerphilly
Cllr Jean Summers Caerphilly
Cllr John Bevan Caerphilly
Cllr Julian Simmonds Caerphilly
Cllr June Gale Caerphilly
Cllr Keith Reynolds Caerphilly
Cllr Lisa Jones Caerphilly
Cllr Michael Adams Caerphilly
Cllr Nigel Dix Caerphilly
Cllr Royston Saralis Caerphilly
Cllr Adam Wilkinson Calderdale
Cllr Angie Gallagher Calderdale
Cllr Bryan Smith Calderdale
Cllr Helen Rivron Calderdale
Cllr Megan Swift Calderdale
Cllr James Teixeira Camborne Town
Cllr Ann Sinnott Cambridge
Cllr Carina O’Reilly Cambridge
Cllr Peter Sarris Cambridge
Cllr Richard Johnson Cambridge
Cllr Ashley Walsh Cambridgeshire
Cllr Abigail Wood Camden
Cllr Danny Beales Camden
Cllr Georgia Gould Camden
Cllr Heather Johnson Camden
Cllr Jenny Headlam-Wells Camden
Cllr Julian Fulbrook Camden
Cllr Maeve McCormack Camden
Cllr Oliver Lewis Camden
Cllr Phil Jones Camden
Cllr Phil Rosenberg Camden
Cllr Richard Olszewski Camden
Cllr Rishi Madlani Camden
Cllr Sally Gimson Camden
Cllr Sarah Hayward Camden
Cllr Theo Blackwell Camden
Cllr Diane Todd Cannock Chase
Cllr Doris Grice Cannock Chase
Cllr George Adamson Cannock Chase
Cllr John Preece Cannock Chase
Cllr Christopher Davis Cardfiff
Cllr Lynda Thorne Cardfiff
Cllr Ashley Govier Cardiff
Cllr Benjamin Thomas Cardiff
Cllr Chris Weaver Cardiff
Cllr Graham Hinchey Cardiff
Cllr Michael Costas-Michael Cardiff
Cllr Richard Cook Cardiff
Cllr Sam Knight Cardiff
Cllr Sarah Merry Cardiff
Cllr Sue White Cardiff
Cllr Jo Williams Carlisle
Cllr Hugh McDevitt Carlisle & Cumbria
Cllr Branwen Jones Carmarthenshire
Cllr Calum Higgins Carmarthenshire
Cllr David Evans Carmarthenshire
Cllr Kevin Madge Carmarthenshire
Cllr Ryan Thomas Carmarthenshire
Cllr Christine Harris Charnwood
Cllr Keith Harris Charnwood
Cllr Karen Shore Cheshire West and Chester
Cllr Louise Gittins Cheshire West and Chester
Cllr Lynn Clare Cheshire West and Chester
Cllr Mark Henesy Cheshire West and Chester
Cllr Pamela Booher Cheshire West and Chester
Cllr Sam Naylor Cheshire West and Chester
Cllr Val Armstrong Cheshire West and Chester
Cllr Bob Rudd Cheshire West and Chester
Cllr Stephen Smith Cheshire West and Chester
Cllr Avis Murphy Chesterfield
Cllr Gordon Simmons Chesterfield
Cllr Kate Caulfield Chesterfield
Cllr Raymond Catt Chesterfield
Cllr Suzie Perkins Chesterfield
Cllr Thomas Murphy Chesterfield
Cllr Adrian Lowe Chorley
Cllr Charlie Bromilow Chorley
Cllr Graham Dunn Chorley
Cllr June Molyneaux Chorley
Cllr Marion Lowe Chorley
Cllr Paul Walmsley Chorley
Cllr Kenneth Earle Clackmannanshire
Cllr Adam Fox Colchester
Cllr Lee Scordis Colchester
Cllr Chris Hughes Conwy
Cllr Allan Holliday Copeland
Cllr David Riley Copeland
Cllr James Kirkbride Copeland
Cllr Peter Connolly Copeland
Cllr Peter Stephenson Copeland
Cllr Colleen Cassidy Corby
Cllr Matt Keane Corby
Cllr Matt Reay Corby
Cllr Mohammed Rahman Corby
Cllr Paul Beattie Corby
Cllr Tom Beattie Corby
Cllr William Latta Corby
Cllr Jude Robinson Cornwall
Cllr Tim Dwelly Cornwall
Cllr Ann Lucas Coventry
Cllr Catherine Miks Coventry
Cllr John McNicholas Coventry
Cllr Kieran Mulhall Coventry
Cllr Margaret Lancaster Coventry
Cllr Andrew Skudder Crawley
Cllr Chris Cheshire Crawley
Cllr Peter Lamb Crawley
Cllr Peter Smith Crawley
Cllr Mark Watson Croydon
Cllr Paul Scott Croydon
Cllr Sean Fitzsimons Croydon
Cllr Barry Doughty Cumbria
Cllr Gillian Troughton Cumbria
Cllr Keith Little Cumbria
Cllr Mike Hawkins Cumbria
Cllr Reg Watson Cumbria
Cllr Timothy Knowles Cumbria
Cllr Wendy Skillicorn Cumbria
Cllr Chris Taylor Darlington
Cllr Nick Wallis Darlington
Cllr Tom Nutt Darlington
Cllr Daisy Page Dartford
Cllr Jonathon Hawkes Dartford
Cllr Joshua Jones Dartford
Cllr Ken Ritchie Daventry
Cllr Bill Tasker Denbigshire
Cllr Pat Jones Denbigshire
Cllr Dom Anderson Derby
Cllr Joanna West Derby
Cllr Marian Stockdale Derbyshire
Cllr Stuart Brittain Derbyshire
Cllr Peter Slack Derbyshire Dales
Cllr Olwen Foggin Devon & Exeter
Cllr Craig Sahman Doncaster
Cllr Elsie Butler Doncaster
Cllr Phil Cole Doncaster
Cllr Sandra Holland Doncaster
Cllr David Sparks Dudley
Cllr Jackie Cowell Dudley
Cllr James Cordon Durham
Cllr John Hart Durham
Cllr Kate Hopper Durham
Cllr Katherine Dearden Durham
Cllr Paul Taylor Durham
Cllr Peter Brookes Durham
Cllr Thomas Nearney Durham
Cllr Anthony Kelly Ealing
Cllr Aysha Raza Ealing
Cllr Binda Rai Ealing
Cllr Ciaran McCartan Ealing
Cllr Gareth Shaw Ealing
Cllr Joanna Camadoo Ealing
Cllr Josh Blacker Ealing
Cllr Julian Bell Ealing
Cllr Kieron Gavan Ealing
Cllr Penny Jones Ealing
Cllr Shital Manro Ealing
Cllr Steve Hynes Ealing
Cllr Swarn Singh Kang Ealing
Cllr Tej Ram Bagha Ealing
Cllr Tim Murtagh Ealing
Cllr Yoel Gordon Ealing
Cllr Yvonne Johnson Ealing
Cllr Maureen Henry East Dunbartonshire
Cllr Rhondda Geekie East Dunbartonshire
Cllr Jim Goodfellow East Lothian
Cllr Margaret Libberton East Lothian
Cllr Norman Hampshire East Lothian
Cllr Alan Lafferty East Renfrewshire
Cllr Jim Fletcher East Renfrewshire
Cllr Craig Jones East Staffordshire
Cllr Julian Mott East Staffordshire
Cllr Godfrey Daniel East Sussex
Cllr Alan Sitkin Enfield
Cllr Christine Hamilton Enfield
Cllr Jansev Jemal Enfield
Cllr Vicki Pite Enfield
Cllr Kate Chinn Epsom & Ewell
Cllr Vince Romagnuolo Epsom & Ewell
Cllr Keith Bobbin Essex
Cllr Daniel Gottschalk Exeter
Cllr Luke Sills Exeter
Cllr Natalie Vizard Exeter
Cllr Robert Lamb Exeter
Cllr Rosie Denham Exeter
Cllr Glyn Banks Flintshire
Cllr Vicky Perfect Flintshire
Cllr Bruce Hogan Forest of Dean
Cllr Lynn Sterry Forest of Dean
Cllr Roger James Forest of Dean
Cllr Tim Gwilliam Forest of Dean
Cllr Chris McHugh Gateshead
Cllr John Adams Gateshead
Cllr Pauline Dillon Gateshead
Cllr Barbara Miller Gedling
Cllr Bob Collis Gedling
Cllr Jenny Hollingsworth Gedling
Cllr John Truscott Gedling
Cllr Kathryn Fox Gedling
Cllr Paul Feeney Gedling
Cllr Paul Wilkinson Gedling
Cllr Peter Barnes Gedling
Cllr Sandra Barnes Gedling
Cllr John Clarke Gedling & Nottinghamshire
Cllr Michael Payne Gedling & Nottinghamshire
Cllr Pauline Allan Gedling & Nottinghamshire
Cllr James Adams Glasgow
Cllr Martin Neill Glasgow
Cllr Tom Coole Gloucester
Cllr Barry Kirby Gloucestershire
Cllr Chris Lloyd Greenwich
Cllr David Llewellyn Gardner Greenwich
Cllr Miranda Williams Greenwich
Cllr Ray Walker Greenwich
Cllr Steve Offord Greenwich
Cllr Chris Kirby Greenwich
Cllr Jackie Smith Greenwich
Cllr Christopher Kennedy Hackney
Cllr Emma Plouviez Hackney
Cllr Guy Nicholson Hackney
Cllr Mete Coban Hackney
Cllr Will Brett Hackney
Cllr Andrea Wall Halton
Cllr Arthur Cole Halton
Cllr Joe Roberts Halton
Cllr Mike Fry Halton
Cllr Robert Gilligan Halton
Cllr Shaun Osborne Halton
Cllr Stef Nelson Halton
Cllr Adam Connell Hammersmith & Fulham
Cllr Alan De’Ath Hammersmith & Fulham
Cllr Ben Coleman Hammersmith & Fulham
Cllr Colin Aherne Hammersmith & Fulham
Cllr Larry Culhane Hammersmith & Fulham
Cllr Lisa Homan Hammersmith & Fulham
Cllr Max Schmid Hammersmith & Fulham
Cllr Mercy Umeh Hammersmith & Fulham
Cllr Michael Cartwright Hammersmith & Fulham
Cllr PJ Murphy Hammersmith & Fulham
Cllr Stephen Cowan Hammersmith & Fulham
Cllr Sue Fennimore Hammersmith & Fulham
Cllr Vincent Guy Hammersmith & Fulham
Cllr Vivienne Lukey Hammersmith & Fulham
Cllr James Patterson Haringey
Cllr Raj Sahota Haringey
Cllr Shelia Peacock Haringey
Cllr Tim Gallagher Haringey
Cllr Vincent Carroll Haringey
Cllr Edna Stevens Harlow
Cllr Stefan Mullard Harlow
Cllr Barry Kendler Harrow
Cllr Michael Borio Harrow
Cllr Dominic Sabetian Hastings
Cllr Lee Clark Hastings
Cllr Michael Wincott Hastings
Cllr Richard Street Hastings
Cllr Leon Reefe Hertfordshire
Cllr Godfrey Claff High Peak
Cllr Graham Oakley High Peak
Cllr Deidre Mackay Highland
Cllr Elizabeth McAllister Highland
Cllr Jimmy Gray Highland
Cllr Roger Saxon Highland
Cllr Matthew Lay Hinckley & Bosworth
Cllr Guy Lambert Hounslow
Cllr Keith Anderson Hounslow
Cllr Alan Clarke Hull
Cllr Gareth Molineux Hyndburn
Cllr Jean Battle Hyndburn
Cllr June Harrison Hyndburn
Cllr Loraine Cox Hyndburn
Cllr Adam Leeder Ipswich
Cllr Alasdair Ross Ipswich
Cllr Barry Studd Ipswich
Cllr Bill Knowles Ipswich
Cllr Carole Jones Ipswich
Cllr Colin Smart Ipswich
Cllr Daniel Maguire Ipswich
Cllr David Ellesmere Ipswich
Cllr Jeannette Macartney Ipswich
Cllr Philip Smart Ipswich
Cllr Roger Fern Ipswich
Cllr Sarah Barber Ipswich
Cllr Sophie Meudec Ipswich
Cllr Alex Diner Islington
Cllr Clare Jeapes Islington
Cllr Gary Poole Islington
Cllr James Court Islington
Cllr Paul Convery Islington
Cllr Luke Maunsell Keighley Town
Cllr Judith Blakeman Kensington & Chelsea
Cllr Robert Atkinson Kensington & Chelsea
Cllr Robert Thompson Kensington & Chelsea
Cllr Robert Bridgeman Kesgrave Town
Cllr Sheila Griffin Kingston
Cllr Jean Calvert Kirklees
Cllr Pamela Spall Knowsley
Cllr Alex Bigham Lambeth
Cllr Amelie Treppass Lambeth
Cllr Andy Wilson Lambeth
Cllr Anna Birley Lambeth
Cllr Claire Holland Lambeth
Cllr David Amos Lambeth
Cllr Donatus Anyanwu Lambeth
Cllr Edward Davie Lambeth
Cllr Iain Simpson Lambeth
Cllr Jack Holborn Lambeth
Cllr Jack Hopkins Lambeth
Cllr Jane Edbrooke Lambeth
Cllr Joanne Simpson Lambeth
Cllr John Kazantzis Lambeth
Cllr Luke Murphy Lambeth
Cllr Malcolm Clark Lambeth
Cllr Matt Parr Lambeth
Cllr Matthew Bennett Lambeth
Cllr Max Deckers Dowber Lambeth
Cllr Paul Gadsby Lambeth
Cllr Rezina Chowdhury Lambeth
Cllr Robert Hill Lambeth
Cllr Sally Prentice Lambeth
Cllr Kevin Ellard Lancashire
Cllr Steve Holgate Lancashire
Cllr Brendan Hughes Lancaster
Cllr Darren Clifford Lancaster
Cllr Matt Mann Lancaster
Cllr Rob Davey Lancaster
Cllr Alice Smart Leeds
Cllr Karen Bruce Leeds
Cllr Neil Dawson Leeds
Cllr Sharon Hamilton Leeds
Cllr John Thomas Leicester
Cllr Paul Westley Leicester
Cllr Piara Singh Clair Leicester
Cllr Ratilal Govind Leicester
Cllr Rory Palmer Leicester
Cllr Sarah Russell Leicester
Cllr Teresa Aldred Leicester
Cllr Vijay Riyait Leicester
Cllr Robert Sharp Leicestershire
Cllr Abdeslam Amrani Lewisham
Cllr Alan Smith Lewisham
Cllr Alan Till Lewisham
Cllr Andre Bourne Lewisham
Cllr Chris Barnham Lewisham
Cllr David Britton Lewisham
Cllr Eva Stamirowski Lewisham
Cllr Gareth Siddorn Lewisham
Cllr Helen Kier Lewisham
Cllr Hilary Moore Lewisham
Cllr Joani Reid Lewisham
Cllr Joe Dromey Lewisham
Cllr Jonathan Slater Lewisham
Cllr Kevin Bonavia Lewisham
Cllr Mark Ingleby Lewisham
Cllr Pauline Morrison Lewisham
Cllr Simon Hooks Lewisham
Cllr Steve Bullock Lewisham
Cllr Suzannah Clarke Lewisham
Cllr Diane Evans Lichfield
Cllr Sharon Banevicius Lichfield
Cllr Biff Bean Lincoln
Cllr Jackie Kirk Lincoln
Cllr Neil Murray Lincoln
Cllr Howard Linsley Liss Parish
Cllr Andrew Foxley Liverpool
Cllr Carol Sung Liverpool
Cllr Helen Casstles Liverpool
Cllr Lana Orr Liverpool
Cllr Malcolm Kennedy Liverpool
Cllr Michelle Corrigan Liverpool
Cllr Nick Crofts Liverpool
Cllr Nick Small Liverpool
Cllr Paul Brant Liverpool
Cllr Ruth Bennett Liverpool
Cllr James Taylor Luton
Cllr Roy Davis Luton
Cllr Chris Wills Manchester
Cllr David Ellison Manchester
Cllr Garry Bridges Manchester
Cllr James Wilson Manchester
Cllr Joanna Midgley Manchester
Cllr Kevin Peel Manchester
Cllr Mandie Shilton Godwin Manchester
Cllr Matt Strong Manchester
Cllr Ollie Manco Manchester
Cllr Rebecca Moore Manchester
Cllr Rosa Battle Manchester
Cllr Sazannah Reeves Manchester
Cllr Sue Murphy Manchester
Cllr Suzanne Richards Manchester
Cllr John Kerr Mansfield
Cllr Brendan Toomey Merthyr Tydfil
Cllr Brian Mansbridge Merthyr Tydfil
Cllr Chris Barry Merthyr Tydfil
Cllr Clive Jones Merthyr Tydfil
Cllr David Isaac Merthyr Tydfil
Cllr Harvey Jones Merthyr Tydfil
Cllr Phillip Williams Merthyr Tydfil
Cllr Tom Lewis Merthyr Tydfil
Cllr Tony Chaplin Merthyr Tydfil
Cllr Abigail Jones Merton
Cllr Andrew Judge Merton
Cllr Brenda Fraser Merton
Cllr Caroline Cooper-Marbiah Merton
Cllr Edith Macauley Merton
Cllr Imran Uddin Merton
Cllr John Dehaney Merton
Cllr Laxmi Attawar Merton
Cllr Linda Kirby Merton
Cllr Mark Allison Merton
Cllr Marsie Skeete Merton
Cllr Martin Whelton Merton
Cllr Mary Curtin Merton
Cllr Nick Draper Merton
Cllr Pauline Cowper Merton
Cllr Philip Jones Merton
Cllr Sally Kenny Merton
Cllr Stan Anderson Merton
Cllr Stephen Alambritis Merton
Cllr June Goodchild Middlesborough
Cllr Shelia Dean Middlesborough
Cllr Alan Webb Milton Keynes
Cllr Kevin Wilson Milton Keynes
Cllr Paul Williams Milton Keynes
Cllr David Evans Monmouthshire
Cllr Peter Farley Monmouthshire
Cllr Ronald Higginson Monmouthshire
Cllr Sean Morton Moray
Cllr Ted Mansbridge NE Derbyshire
Cllr Jane Hyldon-King NE Lincolnshire
Cllr Kathryn Wheatley NE Lincolnshire
Cllr Matthew Brown NE Lincolnshire
Cllr Matthew Patrick NE Lincolnshire
Cllr Peter Wheatley NE Lincolnshire
Cllr Andrew Jenkins Neath Port Talbot
Cllr Anthony Taylor Neath Port Talbot
Cllr Edward Jones Neath Port Talbot
Cllr John Warman Neath Port Talbot
Cllr Kristine Lloyd Neath Port Talbot
Cllr Mike Harvey Neath Port Talbot
Cllr Stephen Powers Newacastle
Cllr Arlene Ainsley Newcastle
Cllr Ben Riley Newcastle
Cllr Stephen Lambert Newcastle
Cllr Dave Jones Newcastle Under Lyme
Cllr David Allport Newcastle Under Lyme
Cllr Gareth Snell Newcastle Under Lyme
Cllr Kyle Robinson Newcastle Under Lyme
Cllr Laura Dillon Newcastle Under Lyme
Cllr Mike Stubbs Newcastle Under Lyme
Cllr Sarah Pickup Newcastle Under Lyme
Cllr Sylvia Dymond Newcastle Under Lyme
Cllr Ann Beech Newcastle Under Lyme & Staffordshire
Cllr Alan Griffiths Newham
Cllr Aleen Alarice Newham
Cllr Andrew Baikie Newham
Cllr David Christie Newham
Cllr Ian Corbett Newham
Cllr James Beckles Newham
Cllr Jo Corbett Newham
Cllr Mas Patel Newham
Cllr Patricia Holland Newham
Cllr Quintin Peppiatt Newham
Clr Salim Patel Newham
Cllr Allan Morris Newport
Cllr Christine Maxfield Newport
Cllr Deborah Davies Newport
Cllr Emma Garland Newport
Cllr Malcolm Linton Newport
Cllr Mark Whitcutt Newport
Cllr Omar Ali Newport
Cllr Robert Poole Newport
Cllr Jade Botterill Normanton Town
Cllr Ian Albert North Herts
Cllr Judi Billing North Herts & Hertfordshire
Cllr Harry McGuigan North Lanarkshire
Cllr Mashook Ali North Lincolnshire
Cllr Richard Tucker North Somerset
Cllr Carl Johnson North Tyneside
Cllr David McMeekan North Tyneside
Cllr Martin Rankin North Tyneside
Cllr Matthew Thirlaway North Tyneside
Cllr Adam Farrell North Warwickshire
Cllr Ann Lewis North Warwickshire
Cllr Ray Sweet North Warwickshire
Cllr Brian Marshall North Yorkshire
Cllr Danielle Stone Northampton
Cllr Jane Birch Northampton
Cllr Janice Duffy Northampton
Cllr Victoria Culbard Northampton
Cllr Zoe Smith Northampton
Cllr Eileen Burt Northumberland
Cllr Ken Parry Northumberland
Cllr Margaret Richards Northumberland
Cllr Chris Herries Norwich
Cllr Patrick Manning Norwich
Cllr Alex Ball Nottingham
Cllr Alex Norris Nottingham
Cllr Brian Grocock Nottingham
Cllr Brian Parbutt Nottingham
Cllr Dave Liversidge Nottingham
Cllr David Mellen Nottingham
Cllr John Hartshorne Nottingham
Cllr Josh Cook Nottingham
Cllr Malcolm Wood Nottingham
Cllr Nicola Heaton Nottingham
Cllr Toby Neal Nottingham
Cllr Darrell Pulk Nottinghamshire
Cllr John Allin Nottinghamshire
Cllr Christine Bennett Nuneaton & Bedworth
Cllr Georgina Daffern Nuneaton & Bedworth
Cllr June Tandy Nuneaton & Bedworth
Cllr Adrian Alexander Oldham
Cllr Cath Ball Oldham
Cllr Ginny Alexander Oldham
Cllr Sean Fielding Oldham
Cllr Steven Bashforth Oldham
Cllr Alex Hollingsworth Oxford
Cllr Christine Simm Oxford
Cllr Linda Smith Oxford
Cllr Marie Tidball Oxford
Cllr Sian Taylor Oxford
Cllr John Christie Oxfordshire
Cllr John Tanner Oxfordshire
Cllr Laura Price Oxfordshire
Cllr Mark Cherry Oxfordshire
Cllr Nick Hards Oxfordshire
Cllr Callum Gillies Perth & Kinross
Cllr John Shearman Peterborough
Cllr Richard Ferris Peterborough
Cllr Chris Mavin Plymouth
Cllr Jonny Morris Plymouth
Cllr Lorraine Parker-Delaz-Ajete Plymouth
Cllr Mark Lowry Plymouth
Cllr Mike Sparling Plymouth
Cllr Pauline Murphy Plymouth
Cllr Pete Smith Plymouth
Cllr Sue Dann Plymouth
Cllr Sue McDonald Plymouth
Cllr Jayne Brencher Pontypridd Town
Cllr John Ferrett Portsmouth
Cllr David Huw Williams Powys
Cllr David Meredith Powys
Cllr David Thomas Powys
Cllr Matthew Dorrance Powys
Cllr Bet Tickner Reading
Cllr Emmett McKenna Reading
Cllr Glenn Dennis Reading
Cllr Graeme Hoskin Reading
Cllr Jason Brock Reading
Cllr Jo Lovelock Reading
Cllr Paul Gittings Reading
Cllr Rachel Eden Reading
Cllr Richard Davies Reading
Cllr Dev Sharma Redbridge
Cllr Farah Hussain Redbridge
Cllr Jas Athwal Redbridge
Cllr Joe Hehir Redbridge
Cllr John Howard Redbridge
Cllr Kay Flint Redbridge
Cllr Khayer Chowhury Redbridge
Cllr Lloyd Duddridge Redbridge
Cllr Mark Santos Redbridge
Cllr Roy Emmett Redbridge
Cllr Thavathuray Jeyaranjan Redbridge
Cllr Varinder Singh Bola Redbridge
Cllr Wes Streeting Redbridge
Cllr Christopher Massey Redcar & Cleveland
Cllr Raymond Goddard Redcar & Cleveland
Cllr Mark Shurmer Redditch
Cllr Nina Wood-Ford Redditch
Cllr Andrew Morgan Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr Ann Crimmings Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr Bob McDonald Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr Clayton Willis Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr Craig Middlw Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr Eudine Hanagan Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr Geraint Hopkins Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr Graham Stacey Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr Jacqui Bunnage Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr John David Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr Joy Rosser Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr Kieron Montague Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr Margaret Davies Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr Margaret Griffiths Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr Margaret Tegg Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr Mark Adams Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr Mark Norris Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr Maureen Webber Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr Michael Forey Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr Paul Griffiths Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr Richard Anthony Yeo Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr Robert Bevan Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr Teresa Bates Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr Tina Leyshon Rhondda Cynon Taf
Cllr Carol Wardle Rochdale
Cllr Cecile Biant Rochdale
Cllr John Hartley Rochdale
Cllr Kieran Heakin Rochdale
Cllr Liam O’Rourke Rochdale
Cllr Neil Butterworth Rochdale
Cllr Richard Farnell Rochdale
Cllr Bob Walsh Rotherham
Cllr Sue Ellis Rotherham
Cllr Victoria Cusworth Rotherham
Cllr Ish Mistry Rugby
Cllr Jeremy Preece Rushmoor
Cllr Keith Dibble Rushmoor
Cllr Susan Dibble Rushmoor
Cllr Charles McIntyre Salford
Cllr Mike Wheeler Salford
Cllr Paul Wilson Salford
Cllr Peter Connor Salford
Cllr Peter Wheeler Salford
Cllr Roger Jones Salford
Cllr Ronnie Wilson Salford
Cllr Stephen Hesling Salford
Cllr Bill Cherrington Sandwell
Cllr Yvonne Davies Sandwell
Cllr John Warburton Scarborough & Whitby
Cllr Alexander Glassford Sedgemoor
Cllr Kathy Pearce Sedgemoor
Cllr Michael Lerry Sedgemoor
Cllr Janet Grace Sefton
Cllr Paul Tweed Sefton
Cllr Robert Brennan Sefton
Cllr Robert Owens Sefton
Cllr Stephanie Duckett Selby
Cllr Adam Hurst Sheffield
Cllr Ben Miskell Sheffield
Cllr George Lindars-Hammond Sheffield
Cllr Kieran Harpham Sheffield
Cllr Lisa Banes Sheffield
Cllr Paul Wood Sheffield
Cllr Richard Crowther Sheffield
Cllr Steve Wilson Sheffield
Cllr Claire Jeffrey Shepway
Cllr Preston Brooker Slough
Cllr Roger Davies Slough
Cllr Rita Miller South Ayrshire
Cllr Gareth Manson South Gloucestershire
Cllr Ian Boulton South Gloucestershire
Cllr Kim Scudamore South Gloucestershire
Cllr Pat Rooney South Gloucestershire
Cllr Tracey Forman South Kesteven
Cllr Phil Dilks South Kesteven & Lincolnshire
Cllr Andrew Carmichael South Lanarkshire
Cllr Margaret Cooper South Lanarkshire
Cllr Eileen Leask South Tyneside
Cllr Christopher Hammond Southampton
Cllr Darren Paffey Southampton
Cllr David Furnell Southampton
Cllr Hannah Coombs Southampton
Cllr Jacqui Rayment Southampton
Cllr John Jordan Southampton
Cllr John Noon Southampton
Cllr Lee Whitbread Southampton
Cllr Sarah Bogle Southampton
Cllr Sharon Mintoff Southampton
Cllr Sue Blatchford Southampton
Cllr Ian Gilbert Southend-on-Sea
Cllr Julian Ware-Lane Southend-on-Sea
Cllr Bill Williams Southwark
Cllr Catherine Rose Southwark
Cllr Eleanor Kerslake Southwark
Cllr Helen Dennis Southwark
Cllr Kath Whittam Southwark
Cllr Leo Pollak Southwark
Cllr Lucas Green Southwark
Cllr Tom Flynn Southwark
Cllr Vijay Luthra Southwark
Cllr Susan Doran Spelthorne
Cllr Alan Cunliffe St Helens
Cllr David Baines St Helens
Cllr Dawn Halliwell St Helens
Cllr Gill Neal St Helens
Cllr Jeff Fletcher St Helens
Cllr Keith Roberts St Helens
Cllr Paul Lynch St Helens
Cllr Sandra Dyer St Helens
Cllr Rowan Draper Stafford
Cllr Caroline Wood Staffordshire
Cllr Derek Davies Staffordshire
Cllr Mark Olszewski Staffordshire
Cllr Susan Woodward Staffordshire & Lichfield
Cllr Doug Bainbridge Stevenage
Cllr Jeannette Thomas Stevenage
Cllr Joan Lloyd Stevenage
Cllr John Lloyd Stevenage
Cllr Pam Stuart Stevenage
Cllr Ralph Raynor Stevenage
Cllr Rob Broom Stevenage
Cllr Sharon Taylor Stevenage
Cllr David Sedgwick Stockport
Cllr David Wilson Stockport
Cllr Kate Butler Stockport
Cllr Roy Driver Stockport
Cllr Paul Rowling Stockton
Cllr Tracey Stott Stockton
Cllr Joy Garner Stoke-on-Trent
Cllr Martin Garner Stoke-on-Trent
Cllr Jason Fojtik Stratford On Avon
Cllr Jenny Miles Stroud
Cllr Len Jacklin Suffolk
Cllr Sandra Gage Suffolk
Cllr Doris MacKnight Sunderland
Cllr Miles Elliott Sunderland
Cllr Robert Evans Surrey
Cllr Andrew Jones Swansea
Cllr Ann Cook Swansea
Cllr Ceinwen Thomas Swansea
Cllr Fiona Gordon Swansea
Cllr Jane Harris Swansea
Cllr Mark Child Swansea
Cllr William Evans Swansea
Cllr Jane Milner-Barry Swindon
Cllr Jim Robbins Swindon
Cllr Mark Dempsey Swindon
Cllr Paul Dixon Swindon
Cllr Andy Kinsey Tameside
Cllr David Sweeton Tameside
Cllr Michael Smith Tameside
Cllr Susan Quinn Tameside
Cllr Angela McClements Telford & Wrekin
Cllr Gilly Reynolds Telford & Wrekin
Cllr Lee Carter Telford & Wrekin
Cllr Paul Watling Telford & Wrekin
Cllr Richard Overton Telford & Wrekin
Cllr Jo Henderson Tendring
Cllr Ivan Henderson Tendring & Essex
Cllr Stephen Cox Three Rivers
Cllr Gerrard Rice Thurrock
Cllr Martin Kerin Thurrock
Cllr Alan Jones Torfaen
Cllr Anthony Hunt Torfaen
Cllr Barry Taylor Torfaen
Cllr David Daniels Torfaen
Cllr David Yeowell Torfaen
Cllr Giles Davies Torfaen
Cllr Neil Waite Torfaen
Cllr Norma Parrish Torfaen
Cllr Pamela Cameron Torfaen
Cllr Wayne Tomlinson Torfaen
Cllr Andrew Cregan Tower Hamlets
Cllr Dave Chesterton Tower Hamlets
Cllr Rachael Saunders Tower Hamlets
Cllr Anne Duffield Trafford
Cllr David Acton Trafford
Cllr Dolores O’Sullivan Trafford
Cllr James Wright Trafford
Cllr Joanne Harding Trafford
Cllr Kevin Proctor Trafford
Cllr Mike Cordingley Trafford
Cllr Mike Freeman Trafford
Cllr Philip Gratix Trafford
Cllr Stephen Adshead Trafford
Cllr Tom Ross Trafford
Cllr Bronwen Brooks Vale of Glamorgan
Cllr Fredrick Johnson Vale of Glamorgan
Cllr Gwyn Roberts Vale of Glamorgan
Cllr Neil Moore Vale of Glamorgan
Cllr Pamela Drake Vale of Glamorgan
Cllr Angela Underhill Walsall
Cllr Christopher Jones Walsall
Cllr Ian Robertson Walsall
Cllr Matt Ward Walsall
Cllr Tina Jukes Walsall
Cllr Alistair Strathern Waltham Forest
Cllr Angie Bean Waltham Forest
Cllr Chris Robbins Waltham Forest
Cllr Clare Coghill Waltham Forest
Cllr Grace Williams Waltham Forest
Cllr Marie Pye Waltham Forest
Cllr Mark Rusling Waltham Forest
Cllr Paul Douglas Waltham Forest
Cllr Peter Barnett Waltham Forest
Cllr Simon Miller Waltham Forest
Cllr Stuart Emmerson Waltham Forest
Cllr Richard Sweden Waltham Forest
Cllr Allin Dirir Warrington
Cllr Andrew Hill Warrington
Cllr Cathy Mitchell Warrington
Cllr Colin Froggatt Warrington
Cllr Dan Price Warrington
Cllr Graham Friend Warrington
Cllr Hitesh Patel Warrington
Cllr Jan Hart Warrington
Cllr Jean Carter Warrington
Cllr Jean Flaherty Warrington
Cllr Joan Grime Warrington
Cllr Judith Guthrie Warrington
Cllr Matt Smith Warrington
Cllr Maureen Creaghan Warrington
Cllr Maureen McLaughlin Warrington
Cllr Morgan Tarr Warrington
Cllr Pauline Nelson Warrington
Cllr Rebecca Knowles Warrington
Cllr Russ Bowden Warrington
Cllr Russell Parnell Warrington
Cllr Sarah Hall Warrington
Cllr Terry O’Neil Warrington
Cllr Tom Jennings Warrington
Cllr Tony Williams Warrington
Cllr Balvinder Gill Warwick
Cllr Barbara Weed Warwick
Cllr Caroline Phillips Warwickshire
Cllr Dave Parsons Warwickshire
Cllr John Beaumont Warwickshire
Cllr Nigel Bell Watford
Cllr Brendan O’Brien Watford Parish Council
Cllr Jane Murray Waveney
Cllr Louise Gooch Waveney
Cllr David McBride West Dumbartonshire
Cllr Andrew Coles West Oxfordshire
Cllr Duncan Enright West Oxfordshire
Cllr Geoff Saul West Oxfordshire
Cllr Adam Hug Westminster
Cllr Barbara Grahame Westminster
Cllr Barrie Taylor Westminster
Cllr David Boothroyd Westminster
Cllr Guthrie Mckie Westminster
Cllr Murad Gassanly Westminster
Cllr Patricia McAllister Westminster
Cllr Paul Dimoldenberg Westminster
Cllr Tim Roca Westminster
Cllr Mike Lyall Weston-super-Mare Town
Cllr Penny McCartney Weymouth & Portland
Cllr Anita Thorpe Wigan
Cllr Bill Clarke Wigan
Cllr Jeanette Prescott Wigan
Cllr John Hilton Wigan
Cllr Keir Stitt Wigan
Cllr Pamela Stewart Wigan
Cllr Paul Kenny Wigan
Cllr Richard Barber Wigan
Cllr Stephen Hellier Wigan
Cllr Yvonne Klieve Wigan
Cllr Angela Davies Wirral
Cllr Bernadette Mooney Wirral
Cllr Brian Kenny Wirral
Cllr Matthew Patrick Wirral
Cllr Moira McLaughlin Wirral
Cllr Paul Stuart Wirral
Cllr Phillip Brightmore Wirral
Cllr Thomas Usher Wirral
Cllr Walter Smith Wirral
Cllr Warren Ward Wirral
Cllr Andrew Johnson Wolverhampton
Cllr Dan Warren Wolverhampton
Cllr Ian Angus Wolverhampton
Cllr Martin Waite Wolverhampton
Cllr Val Gibson Wolverhampton
Cllr Paul Denham Worcester & Worcestershire
Cllr Graham Vickery Worcestershire
Cllr Luke Mallett Worcestershire
Cllr Richard Udall Worcestershire
Cllr Robin Lunn Worcestershire
Cllr Brian Stephenson Wyre
Cllr Christina Funnell York
Cllr Dafydd Williams York
Cllr David Levene York
Cllr James Flinders York
Cllr Neil Barnes York


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