Glasgow’s leadership hustings – what you thought about Corbyn and Smith

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During Thursday evening’s leadership debate we asked readers for their reaction to what the candidates were saying. Here are a pick of the contributions:

“The secret to understanding Corbyn is just unwillingness to change. He has spent his entire career as a back-bencher, with no ministerial responsibility, and it seems that since he was elected leader he has been trying to lead the Party as a back-bencher.” – John Livesly

“What a wonderful error in Smith’s closing speech: ‘If you want Jeremy Corbyn to remain the leader…’ Before he could continue the audience applauded.” – jsteel

“The PLP have 9.5m voters to answer to as well. None of those voters voted for Corbyn – Corbyn’ s anti EU anti NATO stance was not something they voted for” – Stur

“thing is, if the PLP are so “electable” you would think they would simply walk away, form a new party and let corbyn and Labour rot in their shadow.
But we all know that at GE2020, many of the PLP are toast without the Labour Umbrella,” – soupertrouper

“I saw Owen Smith, blaming Jeremy Corbyn for losing us all those Scottish seats. This ignores the fact, that it was the referendum appearances of Labour MPs, appearing on the same platform of the Tories that help the Labour vote disintergrate. It also ignored the fact that Scottish Labour were very right wing.” – Sean Connor

“Owen Smith has the democratic right to campaign to remain in the EU. However, what he does not have the right to do is to ignore the democratic decision of people. I voted for remain just like Corbyn and I did so not believing that it was a fantastic organisation that believed in the socialist ideas that I want, I recognised it for the business orientated organisation it is. However, taking the overview I believed that to stay in and reform from within was the best option particularly as the EU does do good things. However the Referendum was lost, we have to accept democracy but while doing that we have to fight as hard as we can to retain all the positives of the EU.” – Huw Price

“I watched a bit of the debate last night and intend to watch the rest later. One thing that really hit me was how childish Owen Smith was. He seemed to just scream the world electable every chance he got and never actually stated why he was electable. I surely would not want him to be in charge of the country. In comparison Corbyn reacted with cool ease, even joking with him a few times. He did let himself down by not having a proper answer to the Scottish Question and hopefully he is not going to rely too much on Kezia Dugdale’s leadership too much. Altogether I just don’t see either of these guys helping Scotland’s interests but I am certainly going to cast my vote on who has the better ideas for England” – David

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