Corbyn re-elected as Labour leader with bigger landslide than last year



Jeremy Corbyn has emerged victorious from the Labour leadership contest, beating off a challenge from his former frontbencher Owen Smith.

Corbyn was re-elected today in another landslide win, replicating his success in last year’s contest and winning over 60 per cent of the vote.

The result was announced in a special leadership conference in Liverpool ahead of the party’s annual conference.

Jeremy Corbyn won 313,209 votes (61.8 per cent) to Owen Smith’s 193,229 votes (38.2%).

The full breakdown of votes is as follows:

Total votes Percentage
Jeremy Corbyn  313,209  61.80%
Owen Smith  193,229  38.20%


Jeremy Corbyn Owen Smith
Members  168,216  116,960
Registered supporters  84,918  36,599
Affiliated supporters  60,075  




Turn out 77.6%
Spoilt ballots 1,042
Ballot distributed 654,006
Valid votes cast 506,438

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