Labour would scrap tuition fees, John McDonnell says

10th May, 2017 3:43 pm

John McDonnell confirmed today that Labour would end tuition fees “once and for all” if they win the election.

McDonnell let slip the policy at a rally in Mansfield, where he said that education “is not a commodity to be bought and sold.”

“So we want to introduce – just as the Atlee government with Nye Bevan introduced the National Health Service – we want to introduce a national education service.”

“Free at the point of need throughout life. And that means ending the cuts in the schools at primary and secondary level. It means free childcare. It means free school training when you need it throughout life.”

“And yes it means scrapping tuition fees once and for all so we don’t burden our kids with debt for the future.”

McDonnell argued the policy would make the country “radically fairer, radically more equal”, before asking “What do you call that? I call it socialism.”

The rally at which he spoke happened two weeks ago, with footage emerging today, The Independent reports.

In Jeremy Corbyn’s first leadership contest he pledged an end to fees, paid for by raising either national insurance or corporation tax.

Angela Rayner, the shadow education secretary, said that we ought “watch this space” when asked about tuition fees on the Today programme.

A spokesperson for McDonnell said “we will be laying out our plans in full when we publish the manifesto”.

You can watch the full video here:

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