Labour campaign for the single market launched by McGovern and Alexander

A new Brexit related campaign has launched in the run up to Labour conference.

The Labour campaign for the single market kickstarted this evening, with a petition and a motion model for constituency parties.

Heidi Alexander, Lewisham East MP, and Alison McGovern, Wirral South, have banded together to create the campaign. Both represent Remain backing constituencies.

The campaign’s website states that staying in the single market and customs union is “the only way to protect jobs, tackle austerity and defend our rights.”

The campaign will have an official launch on 5th September.

Other Brexit related campaigns created in the push before Labour’s policy influencing annual conference, to be held in a month’s time, include the Labour campaign for free movement. 

Staying in the single market is supported by various key Labour figures, with Owen Tudor, the TUC’s head of EU and international relations, writing for us on why staying in the trading bloc can be coupled with an alternative approach to free movement.   

You can read our overview on what key figures in the party and trade union movement have said on the issue here.

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