Council by-elections: Labour holds three seats with huge vote share

labour activists

labour activists

Labour held three council seats last night as the Tories gained one Midlands ward in the latest round of by-elections.

Jeremy Corbyn’s party retained seats in Charnwood in north Leicestershire and Tameside in Greater Manchester.

The Tories gained a ward in Herefordshire where a local county party saw their vote share plunge.

Meanwhile UKIP’s fortunes continued to decline as in every seat up for grabs they either saw a fall in their vote or did not even bother to field a candidate.


East Grinstead Imberhorne (Mid Sussex)

Conservative hold

Conservative 58.5 per cent (-2.0)

Lib Dems: 22.3 per cent (+22.3)

Labour 11.9 per cent (-8.7)

Independent 7.3 per cent (+7.3)

No UKIP (-18.8) as previously.


Kings Acre (Herefordshire)

Conservative gain from It’s Our County Party

Conservative: 38.5 per cent (+38.5)

Independent: 20.6 per cent (+20.6)

IOC: 19.9 per cent (-30.2)

Lib Dems: 11.5 per cent (-21.9)

Labour: 9.6 per cent (+9.6)


Ashbourne South (Derbyshire Dales)

Conservative hold

Conservative 46.2 per cent (-7.6)

Lib Dems: 31.2 per cent (+31.2)

Labour: 22.6 per cent (-1.9)

No Green (-21.7) as previously.


Loughborough Hastings (Charnwood)

Labour hold (x2)

Labour 63.1 per cent (+17.7)

Conservative: 21.3 per cent (-2.1)

UKIP: 8.9 per cent (-8.3)

Greens: 6.8 per cent (-7.3)


Droylsden East (Tameside) result:

Labour hold

Labour 60.3 per cent (+8.9)

Conservative: 32.7 per cent (+23.6)

Lib Dems: 3.6 per cent (+3.6)

Greens: 3.4 per cent (-2.5)

No UKIP (-33.6) as previously.


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