Labour posts new poll lead as Tory plotters round on Theresa May

6th October, 2017 3:28 pm

Labour has scored a narrow lead over the Tories in the first poll to reflect Theresa May’s disastrous conference speech.

Jeremy Corbyn’s party scored a two point lead over the government in the latest YouGov survey.

Corbyn may be disappointed, however, by research from the same firm which showed May retained a slim lead over who is best placed to serve as prime minister.

As May today vowed to provide “calm leadership”, following a series of interviews in which ex-Tory chair Grant Shapps said 30 backbenchers wanted her to quit, YouGov put Labour on 42 points.

The poll also showed, however, that May won out 36/33 on who would make the best PM. There is much hope for Corbyn, however, as nearly a third, some 32 per cent, said they were undecided.

The survey was carried out on Wednesday and Thursday.

YouGov poll (October 4 and 5)

Labour 42 per cent

Conservative 40 per cent

Lib Dems 7 per cent

Others 11 per cent

Which of the following do you think would make the best PM?

Theresa May 36 per cent

Jeremy Corbyn 33 per cent

Don’t know 32 per cent


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