Labour soars to eight point poll lead over the troubled Tories

Labour has posted a shock eight point poll lead over the Tories as Jeremy Corbyn’s party returned to its post-election high point.

The opposition hit 45 per cent in the new survey, prompting a sharp swing in mood for Labour activists following a separate study which said the Tories would be the largest party in a hung parliament.

The Survation poll for the Mail on Sunday showed Labour up by one point and the Tories lagging on 37 per cent, down one.

The Lib Dems also slipped back a single point to six per cent as new leader Sir Vince Cable failed to make inroads.

The poll would hand Labour an overall majority if proved correct at the ballot box.

It comes after a more gloomy projection by Electoral Calculus. The study, published on Friday, showed the Tories emerging as the largest party, but short of a majority, and was based on opinion polls carried out in November.

Survation poll for the Mail on Sunday

Labour 45 per cent (+1)

Conservative 37 per cent (-1)

Lib Dems 6 per cent (-1)

UKIP 4 per cent (no change)

SNP 3 per cent (nc)

Greens 1 per cent (nc)

Research carried out on Wednesday and Thursday.


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