Council by-elections: Tory vote plunges in island vote

The Tory vote slumped as they held on to an Isle of Wight seat in the single council by-election last night.

Theresa May’s party retained the Central Wight ward as Labour trailed behind the Lib Dems and Greens in fourth place.

The result was not a surprise as the island’s parliamentary seat is safe Tory territory.

Yesterday the Lib Dems made the strongest gains in the ward, moving to second place on 26 per cent, not having stood last time.

Labour’s vote inched up by 3.2 per cent as they won around one in 10 of votes.


Central Wight (Isle of Wight)

Conservative hold

Conservative: 49.7 per cent (-25.5)

Lib Dems: 26 per cent (+26)

Greens: 13 per cent (-5.9)

LAB: 9.2 per cent (+3.2)

UKIP: 2.2 per cent (+2.2)

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