WATCH: It’s time to act on hate speech, says Sadiq Khan

Below is a video released by Sadiq Khan.

The London mayor reads out abusive tweets he has received and calls for action to #endthehate.

The video starts with funny tweets: “Am I the only one who thinks @sadiqkhan looks like a pigeon?”, “Sadiq Khan looks like a sparrow” and “@sadiqkhan looks like a really shit stunt double for Jose Mourinho”.

Khan goes on to read abusive comments, with twitter users inciting violence against him, calling him a “Muslim terrorist” and urging him to “blow himself up”.

At the end, the mayor says: “I don’t read this out to be portrayed as a victim, but I worry about what happens when young boys and girls from minority backgrounds see this kind of thing on their social media timelines or experience it themselves.”



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