WATCH: Corbyn backs nationwide protests against parliament shutdown

Jeremy Corbyn has backed nationwide demonstrations against Boris Johnson’s suspension of parliament, urging people to “make their views very well-known.”

The Labour leader told Channel 4 News: “What I’ve done is suggested people should attend and support demonstrations around the country and large numbers of MPs of my party, and indeed, of other parties are attending demonstrations all over the country.

“We live in a democracy. Freedom of speech is our very watchword. Freedom to assemble and demonstrate in a peaceful way is also our watchword and I think it’s a good thing.

Corbyn urged people to “make their views very well-known, put all the pressure they can on their elected representatives to act accordingly in parliament next Tuesday and in the days that follow – the few days that follow before the government tries to shut down our parliament.

“The prime minister is suspending our parliament in order to try and prevent parliament asserting its authority over government. What we’re doing next Tuesday is doing our very best to prevent a no-deal exit from the European Union because of the damage it will do to jobs, to trade, and it will pave the way for him to do a sweetheart trade deal with Donald Trump and all the damage that will do to our public services.

“If he suspended parliament he’s in no position to come and report to parliament. He should understand we live in a parliamentary democracy where the government has to answer to parliament. His answer is to use what executive authority he has to suspend parliament, and that in my view is completely wrong.”

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