Corbyn: I’m confident we can both stop no deal and have an election

Jeremy Corbyn has said he is “confident” that Labour can achieve both of its principle goals – to prevent no deal on October 31st and to hold a general election. He expects the legislation aiming to block Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans to pass the necessary hurdles today and tomorrow, and says he is “absolutely ready” to fight an early election.

The Labour leader said: “Following a productive meeting of cross-party MPs this morning, we are united in our opposition to Boris Johnson’s plans for a no deal. We are confident that the legislative route we have adopted has every chance of being successful, and we are working on ways in which we can prevent Boris Johnson manipulating an election to force a no deal Brexit.

“Labour wants to prevent a no deal Brexit, and to have a general election, so we can end austerity and invest in our communities. I am confident we can have both, and we’ve been in discussions about a way to achieve this. We will continue to work across parliament towards this goal and will have further meetings to this end in coming days.”

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