WATCH: #StopTheCoup protest heard over Johnson speech

The #StopTheCoup protest that started at 5.30pm in Parliament Square today allowed demonstrators to make their voices heard during Boris Johnson’s speech in Downing Street this evening.

The Prime Minister did not announce that he would call an early election if legislation blocking no deal were passed this week, as some expected.

Instead, Johnson said: “I don’t want an election. You don’t want an election.” He also described the bill being put forward by backbencher Hilary Benn as “Corbyn’s pointless delay”.

Further protests are planned across the country this week. According to leading organisers Another Europe is Possible, the following will be held in London:

  • On Tuesday, a rally in Parliament Square not organised by #StopTheCoup, but which will see a large number of protesters join it 
  • On Wednesday, a rally outside the Home Office in defence of migrants’ rights (from 6pm), followed by a march on parliament and a rally in Parliament Square
  • On Thursday, a protest starting at Parliament Square at 5.30pm
  • On Friday, a protest starting in Parliament Square at 5.30pm
  • On Saturday, a rally outside Downing Street starting at 2.30pm

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