If Labour wins, public service workers get 5% pay rise in April

Sienna Rodgers

If Labour wins the general election next month and forms a government, public service workers will receive a 5% pay rise in April 2020.

Nurses, teachers, doctors, firefighters, police and others would all get a significant pay increase under Labour, which would award the average public service worker more than £1,600.

Labour’s manifesto, in its ‘Rebuild Our Public Services’ chapter, reads: “Our most valuable assets are the dedicated people who work in our public services, but under this government their pay has been cut in real terms.

“Labour will restore public sector pay to at least pre-financial crisis levels (in real terms), by delivering year-on-year above-inflation pay rises, starting with a 5% increase, to reward and retain the people who do so much for us all.”

The following pay rises have been calculated by Labour:

  • Newly qualified nurses: more than £1,200
  • Firefighters: more than £1,800 on average
  • Teachers in state-funded schools: almost £2,000 on average
  • Junior doctors: almost £1,400
  • Police constables: almost £2,000
  • Army sergeants: more than £1,700
  • Civil servants: more than £1,300 on average
  • Council workers: more than £1,200 on average

Commenting on the new policy, Jeremy Corbyn said: “Labour will give our nurses, teachers, doctors, firefighters, police and others a pay rise to begin to undo the damage caused by the Tories and Lib Dems and reward the people who do so much for us all.

“This is what real change looks like. Labour on your side, while the Tories cosy up to their billionaire backers.”

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