Labour attacks “austerity manifesto” released by Lib Dems

The Labour Party has attacked the Liberal Democrat manifesto release, arguing that the set of proposals advocated by Jo Swinson amounts to an “austerity manifesto”.

Commenting on the publication of the Lib Dem manifesto, Angela Rayner said: “This is an austerity manifesto from a party that has clearly learned nothing from their disastrous spell in coalition with the Tories.

“Young people getting into debts today of over £55,000 will never forget the Lib-Dems’ betrayal on tuition fees and austerity.

“Voting for the Lib-Dems in this election is a wasted vote that will only open the door to a post-Brexit Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage alliance with Donald Trump to sell off our NHS.”

The Lib Dems have released a short costings summary that explains their plan to “fully fund” day-to-day public spending. Deputy leader Ed Davey has argued that government should run a permanent spending surplus.

“It is astonishing that the Lib Dems are now offering up economic policy that is even more extreme than George Osborne’s agenda,” a Labour insider told LabourList following the publication of Lib Dem proposals.

The criticism comes as Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson and education spokesperson Layla Moran were greeted by a small crowd in Cambridge, and heckled by someone who accused the Lib Dems of contributing to austerity-caused deaths.

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