WATCH: Anneliese Dodds triumphs over Brexit Party chair in tax row

Sienna Rodgers

Anneliese Dodds won a key argument on BBC Question Time on Thursday evening when confronted over the Tory decision to cut corporation tax.

The shadow Treasury minister explained: “Since the financial crisis, we have not been in it together. We’ve seen the very best off people  and profitable companies having their taxes reduced, and everybody else has had to deal with the impact of that on public services.”

When the Brexit Party’s Richard Tice accused Dodds of telling a “fib” as tax receipts had gone up, the Labour frontbencher replied: “They did go up, but it was correlation and not causation. They went up because the banks returned to profitability after the financial crisis.”

Labour is proposing to increase the headline rate of corporation tax – currently at 19% – to reach 26% by 2023, while reintroducing a small profits rate that would rise to 21% by 2023.

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