Council by-elections: Former Labour MP Laura Smith elected in Cheshire

Voters went to the polls in several local authorities yesterday for council by-elections, including one ward that elected former Labour MP Laura Smith.

Smith became the MP for Crewe and Nantwich in 2017 with a majority of just 48, but the party lost the constituency to the Tories by 8,508 votes in December.

Yesterday she was elected as a councillor to Crewe South ward after a by-election was triggered following the death of Labour councillor Dorothy Flude.

Labour saw a 7.5% fall in its vote share in the ward, with an increase for the Tories of 10.3% – though Smith took a total of 54.1% of votes cast in the end.

Smith took to social media, thanking supporters and saying that she is “looking forward to a fresh start”.

Labour also held Millfield ward in Blaby, Leicestershire. Nick Brown was elected in the by-election triggered by the death of councillor and mayor Bill Wright.

The Lib Dems gained Duxford on Cambridgeshire County Council from the Tories, after the resignation of councillor Peter Topping. The Lib Dems saw a 26.3% increase in their vote. Labour did not contest the seat.

Labour also didn’t stand a candidate in nearby Whittlesford ward on South Cambridgeshire Council, also up for grabs because of Topping’s resignation. The seat saw a 30% swing towards the Lib Dems but the Tories held the seat.

The Conservatives held Hillingdon East ward in London. Annelise Gabrielle contested the seat for Labour but saw a 12.7% decrease in the party’s vote.

In Wales, Plaid Cymru won Gwersyllt North ward in Wrexham. Labour placed second in the vote triggered by the resignation of an independent councillor.

Clayton & Openshaw ward in Manchester. Independent GAIN from Lab:

IND: 47.9% (+3.4)
LAB: 43.6% (-1.4)
CON: 4.1% (+0.6)
LDEM: 2.3% (-1.0)
GRN: 2.1% (-1.6)

Duxford ward in Cambridgeshire. Lib Dem GAIN from Con:

LDEM: 59.6% (+26.3)
CON: 40.4% (-14.7)

Crewe South ward in Cheshire. Lab HOLD:

LAB: 54.1% (-7.5)
CON: 35.8% (+10.3)
GRN: 4.4% (+4.4)
IND (Cartlidge): 3.6% (+3.6)
IND (Silvester): 2.2% (+2.2)

Millfield ward in Blaby, Leicestershire. Lab HOLD:

LAB: 52.2% (-1.0)
CON: 43.0% (-3.8)
GRN: 4.8% (+4.8)

Whittlesford ward in South Cambridgeshire. Con HOLD:

CON: 55.2% (-8.1)
LDEM: 44.8% (+30.3)

Hillingdon East ward in Hillingdon, London. Con HOLD:

CON: 68.8% (+9.1)
LAB: 23.5% (-12.7)
LDEM: 4.1% (+4.1)
GRN: 2.8% (+2.8)
UKIP: 0.8% (+0.8)

Gwersyllt North ward in Wrexham, north Wales result. Plaid Cymru GAIN from independent:

PC: 36.6% (+36.6)
LAB: 16.8% (-10.7)
CON: 15.1% (-5.0)
IND (Davies): 9.9% (+9.9)
IND (McCan): 8.3% (+8.3)
LDEM: 7.9% (+7.9)
IND (Hay): 3.7% (+3.7)
GRN: 1.7% (+1.7)

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