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Sienna Rodgers

Dear readers,

The Labour Party is going through a challenging period. But if there is one thing that we are completely united on, it is the need to defeat the Tories at the next general election and start to build a better society.

I believe that LabourList has a crucial role to play in that future victory. Open, comradely debate over Labour’s strategy and policies is vital for the party to successfully navigate opposition and make a success of government.

That is why we are asking LabourList readers and subscribers to help us hire another reporter. Some of you already generously support us, but if an extra 500 people – less than 1% of our morning email readership – gave just £5 a month, we could raise more than enough to hire another reporter.

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During the pandemic, LabourList has asked a question at the 10 Downing Street press conference and launched ‘in conversation’ events with shadow cabinet members. Jonathan Ashworth has provided us with weekly updates on Labour’s Covid-19 response.

Jon Lansman exclusively wrote for LabourList when he decided not to contest upcoming Momentum elections, while Labour First’s Luke Akehurst has chosen this platform to tell members about ‘Labour to Win’.

From revealing policy decisions, such as plans to reinstate the Department for International Development, to uncovering the details of national executive committee meetings, LabourList continues to be essential reading for party activists and the wider labour movement.

We pride ourselves on being independent and welcoming to opinions from across the labour movement. And I think our level and quality of output is already striking. But we want to do so much more.

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LabourList is currently staffed only by me and our part-time reporter Elliot Chappell. To make LabourList the best it can be, we need more support. That’s why we are launching a fundraising drive that will allow us to expand coverage, hold more events, and innovate.

We are a non-profit funded through advertising and sponsorship, as well as regular donations from readers and trade unions. We really appreciate the support already provided by many of you. But just £5 a month from another 500 readers would help us scale up significantly.

Start a regular donation today to ensure that LabourList continues to carry out a crucial role by providing daily supportive yet independent coverage of the labour movement.

Best wishes,

Sienna Rodgers, Editor

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