Starmer promises to make Britain “clean energy superpower” by 2030

Elliot Chappell

Keir Starmer has announced that a “central mission” of a Labour government led by him would be to transform the UK into a “clean energy superpower” and end the use of fossil fuel in the country’s power system by 2030.

In an intervention just as Labour prepares for the start of its annual conference, the Labour leader warned today that “the British people are sick and tired of rocketing energy bills and our energy system being exposed to dictators”.

“They want long-term solutions to cut bills for good. That is why I am proud to announce that a central mission of my Labour government will be to turn the UK into a clean energy superpower,” he said.

“Our plan for clean power by 2030 will save the British people £93bn off their energy bills, and break the UK’s vulnerability to Putin and his cronies. It will also support out drive for higher growth and rising living standards.”

Starmer said the party would build a power system run entirely by cheap, home-grown renewables and nuclear by the end of this decade with proposals to quadruple offshore wind, triple solar and double onshore wind production by 2030. Labour said its proposals will:

  • “Cut energy bills for good, saving UK households £93 billion over the rest of this decade; or a saving of £475 per household every year until 2030;
  • “Make the UK energy independent, freeing the UK from being exposed to the fluctuations of the global gas market, which has been too-easily manipulated by Vladimir Putin and petrostates;
  • “Reindustrialise the UK, supporting the creation of over 200,000 direct jobs and up to 260,000-300,000 indirect jobs over the decade; and
  • “Tackle the climate crisis to leave a better world for our children by making the UK the first major economy to have a zero-emission power system.”

“From a world-leading offshore wind industry in Scotland and the East Coast, hydrogen in the North-West and Teesside, nuclear power in the South-East, and solar power in the South and Midlands, this truly national enterprise will unleash Britain’s potential with thousands of good, well-paid jobs across our country,” Starmer added.

“This is a plan that will drive jobs, tackle the cost of living and protect our home for future generations by tackling the climate crisis.”

Based on gas futures price projections, Labour has estimated that its plan would save UK households £93bn over the rest of this decade, or an average saving of £475 per household every year until 2030, as well as support the creation of over 200,000 direct jobs and up to 260,000-300,000 indirect jobs.

Ed Miliband said this morning that “12 years of the Conservatives’ failed energy policy has left energy bills too high and the UK overly exposed to the manipulations of fossil fuel dictators”.

The Shadow Climate and Net Zero Secretary added: “We cannot go on like this. It is time to turn a page, and unleash the great potential of Britain to lead the world in cheap, home-grown energy that can power our future.

“In launching this world leading goal for clean power by 2030, Labour is saying that Britain can lead the world on tackling the climate crisis, and doing so in a way that creates wealth and jobs for communities across our country. It is time for an energy policy for people and planet. It is time for a Labour government.”

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