Cameron adviser criticises welfare reform plans

February 6, 2012 7:53 am

One of David Cameron’s advisers has attacked the government’s controversial welfare reform plans, warning that they could hit the wrong people. Speaking to BBC 5live, his “welfare-to-work Tsar” Emma Harrison said:

“We live in an amazing, civilised country so let’s not hurt the vulnerable. I’m worried about the number of families who will be affected by this…I think we need to be really, really careful we don’t catch the wrong people in these big reforms.”


  • Anonymous

    Ms. Harrison will now be struck off Mad Frankie Field’s Christmas card list.

    Seriously, lets hope for once Cameron & co listens to somebody with a bit of compassion and understanding

  • Johndclare

    I presume there was then a ‘but…’
    These Tories ‘talk the talk’ of caring, but then the plunge the knife even deeper.
    They remind me of the Martians on Mars Attacks, who said ‘we come in peace’, but then annihilated everyone.

    • Anonymous

      We can’t be too harsh.

      Remember James Purnell?

      He might look daft, but he knew well enough what he was doing and what the consequences would be.

      On this occassion Labour can’t really take the moral high ground

      • Anonymous

        This lady was  new labour with her firm sucking up work from the government even trying to take over from the CAB.

        I suspect Cameron is to far to the left for  her of of course he knows what she is about.

  • Anonymous

    I suspect she is  saying this because Cameron may well be less likely to give her the millions Blair did.

  • Lisaforbes

    Is anyone else wondering who the ‘right people’ are?

  • Ramises55

    Hmm perhaps this is her only chance to get her name noticed. Even Comrade Milliband says welfare reform is the the correct direction to go in.


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