Cooper on Qatada release

13th February, 2012 2:32 pm

As Abu Qatada is released from prison on bail, shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper has responded, arguing that the government could and should have done more to avoid his release:

“It is clear the Government has not done all it can to stop Abu Qatada being released from high-security prison today.

“As soon as the European Court judgement was delivered a month ago now the Government could have appealed the decision and begun urgent negotiations with the Jordanian Government. Instead the Government did nothing, leaving a judge to decide there was little progress being made in deporting Qatada and that bail was the only option. And still the Government have failed to appeal, while activity with the Jordanians seems restricted to belated calls from the PM and a trip to Jordan for James Brokenshire.

“We are also seriously concerned that should Qatada’s bail conditions be relaxed, within weeks he could be free to do the school run he has been banned from today. The Government’s scrapping of Control Orders means that even were Qatada to be given a new TPIM, he would be free to move around during the day, even using the internet and a mobile phone.”


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  • Anonymous

    The fact is has he broken the law in the UK, if the answer is yes then put him in jail if not he’s free, we all knew labour laws in which you can keep people locked up because you think they are guilty was wrong.

    It’s called democracy

  • M Cannon

    Ms Cooper is either devious or dim.  You cannot appeal against a judgment of the ECtHR so the government can hardly be criticised for failing to appeal!

    The ECtHR handed down its judgment on 17 January 2012.  Mitting J gave Abu Qatada bail on tight conditions on 6 February 2012.  The idea that during the intervening 3 weeks the government could have agreed terms with Jordan which would have satisfied the ECtHR is just far-fetched.

    Ms Cooper is just mouthing off.  Silly.

    • Anonymous

      It has just said we cannot put him on trail in the UK, because the British government would have to disclose secrets, those secrets I would suggest are who allowed rendition.

      So send him to Jordan then we would not disclose those secrets, bloody hell Justice for you.

    • Dave Postles

       Appeal – not even to the Grand Chamber?

      • Dave Postles

         Appeal in the sense of refer the judgment.

  • Daniel Speight

    The thought of  Cooper being touted as a future Labour leader dismays me. There seems to be nothing Labour in her.

  • JC

    This is stupid. There should be cross party discussions on these matters, not idiots making stupid divisive and partisan pronouncements. It is an issue that has grown over the last 20 years and has involved all parties. Would Yvette Cooper have done anything different had it been her choice?

  • If Jordan can’t resist the temptation to torture suspects, then what other option is there?


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