NHS reforms are a “mess” and “confused” says former chief executive

February 27, 2012 11:08 am


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Former NHS chief exec Lord Crisp says that the government’s proposals for the health service in England are a “mess,” “confused” and “will set the NHS back.” You can listen to his thoughts on Lansley’s reforms below:

  • treborc

    We know the Tories have blown it yet they cannot come out and say look this was a mess, the minister is being moved to welfare, and the NHS reforms are being dumped until we win the next election when we will look at it again, UNUM Provident will have a heart attack but who cares.

    But why has it taken labour so long, the way it’s going it will be the liberals who will get the thanks as they come out battling. labour should have had full page adverts  in the Sun the Mirror saying come on people save the NHS back us.

    But if you look labour only really came out in November last year, it would have been a coup for labour but Miliband even now when he should be shouting from the roof tops about the NHS is making hardly a ripple anywhere.

    Labour has to get  into the opposition mode much quicker otherwise it will be lucky to win councils never mind the country.

    But also I will wait until the march to save the NHS, it does look like it will be an England thing with Wales and Scotland not being a part of this march planned.

    But in my area my hospital has again been placed for closure, it’s brand new but has debts associated with the PFI, ten years ago thousands marched to save the closure of the A&E, this time about a 100 people bothered, most of then being young children.

    People seem to have lost a lot of interest.


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