Livingstone on “the most vicious and unpleasant campaign since the last mayoral campaign”

5th May, 2012 12:25 pm

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  • John Dore

    It was only vicious when you got found out and exposed. The the usual cries of right wing media.

    Move along you lost, we have a real candidate now.

    • treborc1

      John Dore  or as he use to be known Guy.

  • leslie48

    The Right Wing Media won the campaign & their TV broadcasting bed-fellows ( with the exception of London radio stations) followed; thus riots, housing shortage, the coming “youthquake” as  no jobs, reduced college funding and growing  alienation, rising crime levels, tax evaders, foreign property takeovers, dreadful traffic and the highest fares in the World, massive capital city inequality  – all made ” invincible”  by London’s right wing press.  


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