Lib Dems in Rotherham – “the worst single performance by a major party in any by election on record.”

30th November, 2012 2:56 pm

By-election expert Rob Hayward told the Telegraph:

“The Liberal Democrats performances in the three by-elections and their eighth place in Rotherham are the worst results for any major party in a series of by-elections ever.

“A combination of eighth place and barely two per cent of the vote in Rotherham is the worst single performance by a major party in any by election on record.

“In the Northern towns and cities the Lib Dems replaced the Tories two decades ago. They are now being replaced in those areas by a combination of minor parties and disinterest.”

  • NT86

    I mentioned last night on the rolling coverage topic on here that it’s quite sad how much the Liberal Democrats had slumped. A decade ago, I truly thought that they could have become the main opposition while Labour was in government. The Tories were deeply unpopular and there were definitely times when Labour disappointed many of their voters. Having a centre left, broadly liberal party leading the opposition would have been good for the country (provided someone like Charles Kennedy still led it).

    The Orange Book infiltrated the higher ranks of the party. Clegg is actually not as bad as scary colleagues like David “let’s slash spending, as long as my expenses can still be lavish” Laws and that Jeremy Browne chap.

    Only way the Lib Dems can ever make a comeback (and that’s asking a lot given the size of their betrayal) is if the social liberals kick out the Orange Book cabal. Charles Kennedy, Tim Farron or even Evan Harris are the types of people that should be leading them.

    • Redshift1

      I really do agree (except perhaps the Clegg comment).

      If the Lib Dems had stuck to their principles and let the Tories go into a minority government, they would be in a Lab-Lib coalition by 2015, if not before, where they would have been in government without wiping out their poll share. Clegg et al, has sold out all those local party volunteers and betrayed their voter base for a ministerial limo.

      If they don’t start trying to re-establish their centre left identity they’ll be 5th party, nevermind 3rd by 2020.


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