Steve Hilton on the Omnishambolic Downing Street operation

13th January, 2013 3:06 pm

Cameron’s exiled barefooted guru says:

“Very often you’ll wake up in the morning and hear on the radio or the news or see something in the newspapers about something the government is doing. And you think, well, hang on a second — it’s not just that we didn’t know it was happening, but we don’t even agree with it! The government can be doing things … and we don’t agree with it? How can that be?”

Confidence inspiring, isn’t it?

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  • Well, that’s terrifying.

  • AlanGiles

    “Omnishambles” is in danger of becoming as overused a word on LL as “one nation”

  • TomFairfax

    Could someone remind me where the phrase, ‘in office, but not in power’ comes from. I’d have sworn that was a different Conservative government lurching from one crisis to the next with the members stabbing each other in the front, back, and sideways, over Europe.

    • PeterBarnard

      It was Norman Lamont, commenting on John Major’s administration, TF.
      Hope you are well and a happy New Year to you – JLR seems to be going onwards and upwards these days!

      • TomFairfax

        Hi Peter,
        I confess that that was a rhetorical question about Lord Lament.

        I hope you’re well and aren’t suffering too much from an excess of Turkey and mince pies.

        Re JLR, it does seem to be progressing rather well in the task of making sure it becomes big enough to avoid a Saab like situation being a possibility.

        Though clearly at some stage seriously eating into the BMW/Audi/Merc market share will have to be on the cards.

        Currently rather good for all four because those with the money seem keen to show off in places like China. If China catches a cold it will become too interesting for Europe’s car companies. The Japanese are currently suffering over the boycott of their goods resulting from a territorial dispute, because China is such a big market for them. So we can understand what the effect looks like.

  • Monkey_Bach

    Hilton is the fellow that wanted another £25,000,000,000 worth of cuts from the social security budget. Bearing this in mind should anybody really give credence to anything such an unelected and unelectable creep thinks, writes or says? Eeek.

  • MrSauce

    And pillock shall speak nonsense unto pillock.

  • Brumanuensis

    Damian McBride puts it rather well:


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