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  • Featured News I’m here to challenge austerity, defiant Corbyn tells supporters as McDonnell condemns “lynch mob” MPs

    I’m here to challenge austerity, defiant Corbyn tells supporters as McDonnell condemns “lynch mob” MPs

    Jeremy Corbyn has mounted a staunch defence of his leadership and anti-austerity agenda at a rally tonight in which John McDonnell compared Labour MPs to a “lynch mob”. Corbyn attempt to fight back after a heavy defeat in a confidence vote among the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) with an impassioned speech at an outdoor Momentum gathering on the steps of a London university. Around 100 people were thought to have attended the rally at the School of Oriental and African […]

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  • Featured News Unions Respect Corbyn’s authority, trade union leaders warn MPs

    Respect Corbyn’s authority, trade union leaders warn MPs

    The general secretaries of 10 of Britain’s largest trade unions have signed a joint statement giving their continued support to Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader. Signatories to the letter include Unite’s Len McCluskey, Unison’s Dave Prentis and the GMB’s Tim Roache – the three biggest unions, and all Labour-affiliated. They say that their members will be “looking with dismay at events in parliament” and call on Labour MPs to “respect the authority of the party’s leader”. They raise concerns that divisions […]

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  • Featured News LIVEBLOG: Angela Eagle prepares leadership bid

    LIVEBLOG: Angela Eagle prepares leadership bid

    Corbyn is rapidly putting together a new front bench as resignations continue to pile in. While the Labour Party is in limbo, we will bring you all the Labour frontbench news as it comes through. 19.47: On the NEC and nominations: Ken Livingstone announced that he has stood down from the ruling body, as he is currently unable to attend meetings due to being suspended. His standing down means that his position is filled (until the next election this summer) […]

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  • News Hundreds of councillors sign pro-Corbyn letter

    Hundreds of councillors sign pro-Corbyn letter

    Over 240 Labour councillors have signed an open letter giving their continued backing to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and slammed the moves against him as “indulgent” and “self-defeating”. This is the latest sign of a grassroots lashback against MPs’ attempts to get rid of Corbyn as leader, following a large rally outside Parliament on Monday night, and a NewsNight survey of 50 Constituency Labour Party (CLP) chairs that found 90 per cent were still behind him. The 246 councillors say they […]

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  • Comment Featured Uncategorized “This is not ideological. The situation has become untenable” – Ed Miliband’s letter calling on Corbyn to quit

    “This is not ideological. The situation has become untenable” – Ed Miliband’s letter calling on Corbyn to quit

    This is the letter sent by Ed Miliband to his Doncaster North constituents after he called on his successor Jeremy Corbyn to stand down as leader of the Labour Party. Dear Labour member, I am writing to explain to you why I have today called on Jeremy Corbyn to stand down as Leader of the Labour Party. I have been loyal to Jeremy throughout his tenure as Leader. I resisted calls to speak out against him when he was running for […]

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