PPC Profile: Lucy Powell

7th July, 2009 8:59 am

Lucy PowellFull Name: Lucy Maria Powell

Age: 34

From: South Manchester

PPC for: Manchester Withington

Website: http://www.lucypowell.net/home

Selection Result: 168 votes Lucy Powell; 32 Jenny Lennox; 31 Nargis Khan; 22 Yogesh Varmani

Member of the Labour Party since: I was 15 years old

Born and bred in South Manchester, I am currently leading a project for a major investment fund for Manchester – the Innovation Fund – working for NESTA (the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts), together with the local authorities, universities and businesses.

I live in Withington with my partner, James, a doctor in Emergency medicine.

Prior to this I was the Director of Britain in Europe, the pro-European campaign. She started her career working in parliament for Bev Hughes MP, and worked in Millbank Tower for the Labour Party in the 1997 election.

I was inspired to go into politics because:
I grew up in Manchester in the 1980’s, when my school was starved of resources and many of my friends and school peers were left on the scrap heap by Thatcher’s government.

My main policy interests are:
Education; health (especially now I’m married to a doctor!); green issues; Europe and foreign policy; regeneration; economic development, innovation and skills.

Three things I think should be in the next Labour manifesto are:
1 – A strong and world-leading commitment to tackling climate change and renewable energy supply.

2 – Further commitments to early years education and support, taking the Sure Start programme to a new level – joining up housing, health and education to provide kids with the very best start in life.

3 – Real commitment to the skills and jobs of the future – innovative technologies, creative industries, green jobs – through transforming the opportunities and education available to our future and current workforce.

I think people should vote for me because:
I grew up and live in the area I would like to represent – I care about the people here and I think that makes for a better kind of politician. I think I have the passion and experience to get things done and deliver change for the better for South Manchester.

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