Poll List: Tories rise four points in new ComRes poll

PollBy Alex Smith / @alexsmith1982

In a new ComRes poll for tomorrow’s Independent on Sunday, the Tories have risen by four percentage points, while Labour (29%) and the Liberal Democrats (19%) both remain unchanged on last month.

If translated broadly to a general election, the new numbers would leave Labour with 224 seats in the Commons to the Tories’ 356 — a Tory working majority of 62, according to UK Polling Report’s Swing Calculator.

The poll shows the Tories 20% ahead among men but only 6% among women. More of Labour’s 2005 support still intends to vote Labour again today (77% compared with 66% last month), although they still trail behind the equivalent Tory score, 94% of whose 2005 vote remains loyal, according to ComRes’ Andrew Hawkins.

In a worrying statistic from the poll, 59% disagree with the statement “the Labour Party has the right ideas about how to get Britain out of recession”.

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