Ex-MP to be Labour’s Mayoral candidate in Salford

5th March, 2012 12:30 pm

Former Eccles MP Ian Stewart will be Labour’s candidate for the Salford Mayoral election later this year, following a vote of local members at the weekend. Ian beat Salford council leader John Merry and former Labour NEC member Peter Wheeler. Congratulations to Ian and commiserations to the other candidates.

According to the Manchester Evening News:

“Labour party members voted for three candidates yesterday after two weeks of campaigning. Mr Stewart got 259 votes, Coun Merry 131, and Peter Wheeler 89. Mr Stewart will now be favourite to win the post at the election in May. Mr Stewart said: “I’m humbled by the response and the support from within the Labour Party. I really hope that I can represent the aspirations for Salford in the proper way. “The people of Salford have demanded change and if I am lucky enough to be elected as the first elected mayor, I will be measured by the new approach that I take – and effectively the buck will stop with the elected mayor. “I won’t be able to please everybody all of the time but at least people will have a better understanding as to why decisions are made and of the processes that go into making them.””

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  • Great news. Ian is a great guy who was a victim of boundary changes. Shame about Peter, but what it does show is that Labour can field some brilliant candidates for directly elected mayor contests.

    • treborc

       Nothing like having a bit of new blood into the party.

      • John Ruddy

        Nothing like getting the best person for the job – regardless of whether they are new or not.

        • treborc

          Well we will see.

          • sigh….do you have to be so resolutely negative? After all, of the three candidates, Ian is certainly the most left wing and the least New Labour!

          • treborc

            left wing, what the hell has left wing got to do with this, we are talking about another tier of jobs for the boys, Prescott wants to get on the band wagon, lots of other people within labour who would be just as good at this.

            he’s being removed because of boundary changes give him a job as a commissioner quick.

            Bloody joke for god sake.

          • Oh, nonsense. He was a well liked and diligent local MP whose seat went three ways in the last boundary change. I don’t agree with police commissioners, but if they are in existence then clearly Labour will contest the elections. That’s what we are there for , as a political party.

            Your complaining and whingeing really is tiresome: there’s never anything constructive.

          • treborc

            Just like labour to well past it’s sell-by date.

          • Gaitskell

            Don’t let the door hit you on the way out then. 

          • treborc

            I left years ago mate

          • “the most left wing”?

            Ian Stewart voted very strongly for the Iraq war. Voted very strongly for university tuition fees. Voted very strongly for ID cards. Voted moderately against a transparent H of P.

            By ‘eck! Were the other candidates openly declared supporters of Cameron’s continuity of New Labour policies?

          • AlanGiles

            Let’s just hope “Chief Constable Richards” doesn’t get hold of Brighton, Dave!. Caroline Lucas holds part of Brighton for the Greens – she’ll probably be placed under house arrest for daring to disagree with him 🙂

  • How come there were only 480 votes cast, in a Party covering a population of  2.6 Million ? Either  the Labour Party in Manchester has  avery low Membership or there was an appalingly low turnout. Why should the people  vote for a Labour candidate when Labour members couldnt be arsed ?
    For the arithmetically challenged that vote would scale up to less than 12,000 Nationally, surely more than 1 in 15 members voted ? Or was this a delegates only vote ?

    • Stockport Red

      Paul Barker
      It is Salford not Manchester. Salfordians are very proud of their City.

      • And as for the more relevant question of turnout/membership?

        • Think Peter meant to put his reply here 😉 ”
          The eligible membership was 705 and the turnout was a very respectable 68%.”

  • Wheelerpeter

    Just for the record, as Stockport Red says, it is Salford and covers the 2 constituencies of Worsley and Eccles South, Salford and Eccles and the Kersal and Broughton wards from Blackley and Broughton. The eligible membership was 705 and the turnout was a very respectable 68%.

  • A. P.

    Won’t stand a chance unless guarantees to slash the exorbitant level of council tax extortion in Dumpsalford .  A reduction of 50% should just about do it .

  • Jobs for Salford ?

    Stewart has not got a hope . We have Mike Moulding , Community Action Party , prepared to be Mayor on a salary of £35k , slash council tax , and get rid of  the CEO obscenity .  Time for Real Change to benefit the Shafted Residents of this Rotton City .


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